Today I will show you some time spent in a haunted environment.  I was also very scared to go to the haunted environment and I very bravely presented these scenes on my phone. 

 It takes a lot of courage to go to such an environment, without a very brave person, it is never possible to go to such an environment and click such photos.  And I had a friend who was afraid in his heart and yet we conquered fear and reached our destination.  And our work has been successful. We are very happy that our work has been done well.  But if you see the scenes presented to you in this country, you will understand the place.  Where are the terrible old houses of our zamindar, I have become like this type inside and here are some abandoned houses.

 Where we have presented some pictures and are presenting them to you.

#AbandonedHouse #Haunted#Environment #Scary #Deserted #Surrounded  #Greenery, #Landlords #House #ChittagongDistrict, #Bangladesh

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