Masjid Madrasah is a very holy place.  Prayers are offered here and good education is given. 

All the devout Muslim brothers offer prayers here.  And they ask Allah for their wishes through prayer, raising their hopes and wishes to Allah.  And five times prayer is offered here.  Here many types of orphans are supported and given good education.  Masjid Madrasah is a very beautiful place.  Wherever you go there is peace and in the back of your mind many Muslim brothers come here for Tabligh and Jamaat and pray and have a very nice and good time.  They walk in the way of the day, in the way of God, in the way shown by God, and teach all good things.  Presented here is a beautiful mosque which is Jame Masjid in Hathazari area.  Mukarram Jame Masjid, apart from praying here, there are also many orphans.  The name of the mosque is Baitul Karim Jame Masjid. 

 Presented here are two images, one at night and one from my previous twilight session.

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