The Prothom-alo of the morning is a very beautiful thing that catches the eye.  Applying morning light and early morning sunlight is very beneficial. 

 Sunlight contains vitamin D, which is very beneficial for our body.  There are many scenes presented here that are very beautiful to see and you will enjoy them very much. Here you can see the sun rising in the morning and falling through the leaves of the trees.  The view is absolutely mesmerizing and the morning fog is visible, the sun shines through the fog more beautifully. The beauty is magnified.  Here, plants, sky, air, birds, everything is like a wonderful beauty.  Such beauty cannot be seen anywhere else except Bangladesh. My dear Bangladesh is my favorite.  Neither has the power or ability to represent beauty.  

When we see the creation of this beauty of the great creator, our mind and soul are completely connected.

#creation #beauty #greatcreator #dawnlight #beautiful #Prothomalo #mist #solitude #plants #sky #birds #RangamatiHillDistrict #Bangladesh

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