Many people have gathered here in the ground of Vishwa Ijtema and everyone has participated in this Ijtema.  

In this big Ijtema of Bangladesh, people from all over the country have gathered at one place on the banks of the Tora river, which is popular with so many people and staying for four or five days, eating, praying, praying and cooking while staying here is a big deal.  Devout Muslims from all over the country have stayed in this Maidan and they are steadfast in their goal, they stay here in threes or fours.  After praying and returning home, everyone is performing ablution.  Praying, eating and drinking, everything is a matter.  This is not able to create any kind of adversity for them, thus they reach their goal by fighting in the winter.  And even if you see these things, it is very nice to see how beautiful religion Islam is the religion of peace.  Islam Religion By the grace of our Almighty Allah, they are very well placed.  And here they fairly reached their goal.

  I am very happy to present these scenes to you.  You will definitely like it.  The view of the Istema Maidan is very beautiful.

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