I love to eat and I love to go to restaurants, I know everyone likes to go and eat and drink.

 but I will say that I like it a little bit more.  With my friends, I ordered this food and picked it up before eating.  That scene is being presented to you now.  And I am very happy to share my feelings with you even after a long time in the country.  There is fried rice, chicken fries, naga chicken, and vegetables, plus salat.  Assignment is one of my favorite food as you can see here the food looks so beautiful.  It looks so beautiful, maybe you don't know how beautiful it will be, you think like that, maybe actually the food is very interesting and very beautiful. 

I will give it ten out of ten.  I think everyone will like the view that it's a set menu.

#Food #Chinese #SetMenu #Restaurant #FriedRice #ChickenFry #NagaChicken #Vegetable #Salad #Friend #Like #MaguraDistrict #Bangladesh

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