Seeing the wonderful beauty of nature, the eyes are freed.  The beauty of nature cannot be compared. 

Poetry is indeed very beautiful.  I love to go in the middle of nature. Let me show you here. The scenery is very beautiful. You can see here that the picture was taken by myself and the plants and leaves and everything can be seen.  All in all, it looks wonderful for all the countries, the horizon, the fish, the pair of crops, the trees standing as if they are watching the crop field, the two of them are talking.  The environment of the village and the natural environment is very beautiful, I like it very much. Some of you are presenting the beauty of the nature of the village.

 The countries are very beautiful and wonderful, which will attract everyone's mind.

#Beteltrees #natural #scenery #wonderful #beautiful #sun #sky #leaves #village #Maguradistrict #Bangladesh

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