Today in the afternoon, I went to the ancestral land of my father's house to find my abandoned childhood. I am the son of a farmer.  Cultivation in blood.  So, in my childhood, I plowed this farmland with the help of my mother, I pulled my brother on the ladder with a rope on my shoulder to level the soil, planted rice seeds, cut rice, brought home a load of rice on my head, piled rice, weeded rice, how many times I swam in the big pond.  I spent, how many fish I caught by throwing a net with my father in the pond, I played amduladul in the khirish tree, acacia tree next to the pond.  I jumped from the tree into the pond.  I competed with my brother to see how far he could go in one dive.  I used to try to cross by throwing rocks or stones from one side of the pond to the other side.  But I couldn't do it for a very big pond.  I spent the whole afternoon searching for my childhood nostalgia. I talked quietly for a long time with the trees, the waves of the pond, the moss in the pond, the seeds planted on the ground.  The mind was filled with unknown joy.  Ah, I spent all my days as a child.  Oh, I will never get all those childhood days.
 Dr. Ajay Mandal
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