Sixty Domes Mosque is an ancient mosque located in the southwest of Bagerhat district in Bangladesh.

 Looking at the architectural style of the mosque, there is no doubt that it was built by Khan Jahan Ali.  He is thought to have built it in the 15th century.  This mosque was built over many years and at great expense.  The stones were brought from the palace.  It is one of the three World Heritage Sites in Bangladesh;  The city of Bagerhat has been given the status of a World Heritage Site.  This honor was conferred by UNESCO in 1973.

 The mosque is about 180 feet long on the north-south side and about 143 feet long on the inside, and about 104 feet wide on the east-west side and about 6 feet wide on the inside.  The walls are about 6 · 5 feet thick.
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