This picture shows the flyover of Ray Rangpur divisional city. It looks very beautiful and many roads of this flyover have gone in different directions and they look very beautiful and as a result many cars can be seen above the bar. These cars are going in different directions and this flyover  It is very beautiful to look at and there are different types of flowers under this flyover and also houses. They look very beautiful and the flyover of Rangpur divisional city is very beautiful and it looks very beautiful.  The flyover has gone a lot of roads in different directions and as the roads have gone in different directions, there are a lot of them here. These cars are going in different directions. They look very beautiful and this boy has spent a lot of money to build this.  And this flyover is very nicely made and it has gone a long way in going for roads and people to move.  This flyover has been built so that there is no traffic jam on the road and a lot of vehicles are leaving and they are not having any problem and they are getting to their destination very easily and they are very beautiful and because of this flyover there is more pain in this Rangpur divisional town.  And very nicely they are going to their different places and in their local place the flyover of Rangpur divisional city looks very beautiful.
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