Please support the cyclone damage in Bangladesh and West Bengal.

Please support the cyclone damage in Bangladesh and West Bengal.


By the night of 21st, 84 people were confirmed dead in Bangladesh and eastern India, which were hit directly by the strongest super cyclone "Amphan" in this century. Authorities announced.


Bangladesh (Satkira) district "Citizens who collect useful things from their collapsed homes"


West Bengal (Kolkata), India "Kortaka Airport is in a state of collapse"


Millions have suffered power outages in both countries. Since more than 3 million inhabitants in the coastal area evacuated before the cyclone landed, many victims like the past cyclone damage have not occurred, but there is a risk that the new coronavirus infection will spread in the dense environment of the evacuation center Has been done.

The authorities distribute masks and disinfectants to each evacuation center, but evacuees are crowded at the evacuation centers such as schools, government offices, and community centers, and social distance (secure interpersonal distance) It is impossible.



Many people and cars were washed away in the river.


House collapse.


Children who lost their homes in the cyclone.


Each of us is powerless. But we can help them a little by working together.

私たち一人ひとりは無力です。 しかし、私たちが共に力を合わせて協力することで、彼らを少しだけでも助けることができます。

Our Release Project Initiative


Bangladesh (Satkhira), where the largest cyclone of the century hit, and India West Bengal (Kolkata) have many partners to grow their release projects together. And many of them had their homes and workplaces severely destroyed by cyclones. Repairing and rebuilding is no easy task.


See the numerous posts where their village was hit by a cyclone.


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Imagine you suddenly lost your house or your job one day. In other words, the word despair. This is very sad.


but what can we do now?


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We need to raise the price of RELcoin first in order to support them.


Because our project team is considering distributing RELcoin to them widely. And many of them know how to trade RELcoin for Ethereum.


Crypto currency exchange HotBit (REL/ETH)

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Details are currently being created. Please wait.


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