→【 Follow the rules 】←

Yesterday, some users' photos and video posts violated many rules, so a warning from Google stopped the site from being available to the public. This is a huge problem and we must take it seriously.

It's important to understand that this Release Social Media is enjoyed by many and that Release users can earn points (money) in return.

1. Do not upload photos or videos that are prohibited to download.

2. Do not upload the same photo or video in multiple accounts.

3. Do not copy and paste text from the internet.

4. Don't post any pictures or videos that are offensive to the viewer, such as wars, corpses, or pornography.

5. Do not post photos or videos that are protected by copyright or portrait rights.

6. Please be as detailed as possible about the photo or video you are uploading. (Name of country, place and facility)

This is the place where we work. Let us fully understand the rules and build a news site that will entertain your audience.

* For users who continue to violate the rules, AI will automatically delete the account regardless of the reason, and points will be lost at the same time, so please post carefully.

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