The RELEASE project will revolutionize the world's agricultural and fishery logistics!

The Release Project aims to transform the logistics of agriculture and fisheries. The development team then set out to develop a system for automatically selling vegetables, fruits, seafood, etc. to the online market just by taking a picture.

After installing the RELEASE exclusive application, you can simply take a picture of vegetables, fruits, fish, shellfish, etc., and the size, weight, place of origin, description of ingredients, market selling price, etc. will be automatically entered, and online market ``Flea market of food'' RELEASE Social Commerce, which enables automatic processing from pick-up and delivery to settlement when food is sold.

Currently, the development team is repeatedly performing tests that incorporate AI (artificial intelligence) in the back end. It will take some time, but I am convinced that the completion of this system will revolutionize the world's agricultural and fishery logistics. Stay tuned for our projects!

Release Project

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