Release Project Bangladesh Team

Photo above is a T-shirt worn by members of the RELEASE Bangladesh team (branch) starting next month.  Participants wearing this t-shirt will stand out when participating in PR events on RELEASE social networks!  We also plan to request sponsor advertisements for T-shirts, and we are starting to develop a plan that also takes into account profits.

In addition, as soon as the coronavirus situation ends, I will go to Bangladesh, but at the moment I plan and prepare for the “food online market”, a major transformation of vegetables and fruits, a treasury of seafood, as well as Bangladesh's logistics in agriculture and fisheries.  I want to visit it.

RELEASE Social Commerce is a fully automatic process that allows you to photograph freshly picked fresh vegetables, fruits, and seafood on the online market.  We will start in Bangladesh.

 You can exchange earned points by placing the ingredients of the day on RELEASE.  Delivery service employees can immediately redeem points for cash using the smartphone app (special wallet).  I'm sure it will be amazing! 

 For this, of course, it is necessary to prepare such means as pickup and delivery.  Hence···

As a first step, we begin project planning by defining a range from receipt and delivery to delivery by bicycle.

We will effectively use the free time of three-wheeled taxi, and we will fulfill the plan according to which the profit of both companies will be received.  Imagine they wear yellow T-shirts running around the city!

This is the “RELEASE Social Commerce” attached by the RELEASE project (social networks and electronic commerce)!

Our RELEASE project has a strategic approach for implementing this plan in Bangladesh, and because of the population density in rural areas (cities and villages), Japan has a small population, and even if it sells online, there is a shipping cost.  This will increase the load. Taken this into account, Bangladesh, which is part of the combined territory of Hokkaido and Tohoku, has the same population as Japan.  Therefore, many customers who make purchases on the online market can deliver by bicycle, therefore, even if we take into account the advantages of both the agro-fisherman and the buyer, there is a complete difference with the Japanese environment.  Of course, in Japan, we will also launch a test online market.

We will steadily proceed with various plans, so please look forward to it. * Please see the official website for details. ➡.

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