RELEASEって何? ソーシャルメディア RELEASE
RELEASEって何? ソーシャルメディア RELEASE

Release Project transforms global agricultural and fisheries logistics through a blockchain-powered

While the concept of social commerce is gaining traction, there are several inherent challenges that are hindering its growth. Among these, a few of the most prominent ones include - logistics & supply chain inefficiency, the lack of effective communication between buyers and sellers, etc. To address these issues and more, Release Co. Ltd. has harnessed the power of blockchain technology and tokenization. 

About The Release Project

‘Release’ aims to combine social media and e-commerce, to provide a robust social commerce platform that is distributed and decentralized in nature. It can be considered as a blockchain-based marketplace which brings buyers and sellers under the same platform through a social ecosystem where everyone has access to authentic information. The project has utilized cutting-edge technologies like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to develop a robust, safe, secure, and transparent social commerce platform. 

‘Release’ is powered by its native token named REL, using which token holders will be able to access all features on the platform. These tokens will further be useful to purchase services, skills, products, etc., and exchange them with multiple virtual currencies when listed on the exchange.

Applications of The Release Project

On a wider spectrum, the Release platform will facilitate e-commerce activities through a social community for several industry sectors. However, when it comes to e-commerce, agriculture and fishery industry has a huge potential to scale at a global level. Having said that, there are two major issues that are hindering the growth of this sector in e-commerce - logistical efficiency and price fairness. 

‘Release’ has developed a social commerce architecture that will help in transforming the world’s agriculture and fisheries logistics. Moreover, sellers will be able to decide on the spot prices of freshly picked vegetables, fruits, fishes, shellfishes, etc. while selling to a general buyer. This can potentially solve the major concerns in this industry and optimize it massively - for the benefit of both buyers as well as sellers. Moreover, the fact that this social commerce platform eliminates the role of middlemen further strengthens the scope of agriculture and fishery in e-commerce.

Wrapping up

‘Release’ has already been listed on prominent distribution platforms like CoinGecko, Coinmarketcap, Etherscan, Hotbit, and p2pb2b. Moreover, it has also been featured on recognized publications like Business Wire, Odyssey, CCN, Investfeed, Blockonomi, Dream News, etc. 

Venturing into an interesting area like social commerce with a predominant focus on agriculture & fishery industry, ‘Release’ is one of the most promising blockchain projects today. To know more, please visit the official website and read the whitepaper. 

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