Transforming the world's agricultural and fishery logistics! Release Project (English version)

The business model of the Release project, which officially announced on July 17, 2020, the site renewal, revision of the white paper (business plan) and road map (development schedule), is drawing attention from the world. Therefore, as a result of discussing with our support team, in order to have a more detailed understanding of the contents of the business plan, using images, harvest, exhibition, purchase, collection, collection, payment, a series of these flows on the blog I decided to upload it, so please take a look.

We aim to bring about a Transforming in the world's agricultural and fishery logistics by combining "social media (SNS) and e-commerce (Online food market)" with the concept of "creating the existence from nothing". We aim to be a “food social commerce”.

ReleaseProject Transforming the world's agricultural and fishery logistics!

Freshly picked vegetables, fruits and seafood "on smartphone" taken on the spot ?

Food ingredients taken with a smartphone are automatically entered with the origin, price, characteristics of the ingredients, etc. and displayed at an online flea market ?

When the information of the ingredients is automatically entered, it will be published on the shopping site immediately ?

User purchases the listed ingredients ?

The Release app will notify the sales of the ingredients (the delivery staff who registered in advance) ?

The delivery person who receives the sold ingredients delivers the ingredients to the nearest shipping company ?

? ? ? 

The above is the entire Release Project business model.

RELEASE e-commerce (Online food market) sellers can register, list and collect products simply by photographing freshly picked ingredients and installing a special application on their smartphone. All unpleasant things, such as product price collection, are fully automated, and the seller pay 8% of the sales commission when the products are sold.

Our support team is excited every day by this groundbreaking business model.

And we, the Release Project, are seriously working to "transform the world's agricultural and fisheries logistics." We sincerely hope that as many people as possible can understand this business model and support and cooperate with us.

*For more details, please see the white paper on the official website ?

Release Project official website (English version)

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