SaaS landing page examples

People very often mistake landing pages and a regular website for the same thing. Although they can be united by a single domain, they have a completely different purpose. 

The landing page is created as a simple, lightweight version of a web page, which is "sharpened" for a specific target action. In most cases, the entire marketing campaign is built around this goal.

But what does this mean for the bottom line? Landing pages usually don't have extra sections or links that can distract users. Actions on the page are minimized and underlined with CTA elements.

For example, this is how the page with examples of Eleken's landing pages looks like:

SaaS landing pages most often include an introductory title, social proof, and a description of the problem your service solves. By focusing on these three factors, you are in the best possible way representing users that you understand their needs and can offer the perfect solution.

In the main navigation bar of SaaS landing pages, you need to place no more than 4-5 links. This approach makes the CTA button in the header more visible.

It is recommended to place all valid information above the fold line, or it loads in the browser window when a person enters the landing page. Simply put, visitors don't have to scroll to see relevant information.

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