Free fire new event One punch knockout & new emot available store Limited Time

Free fire New Event One Punch Knockout & New Obliteration Emot available in store Limited Time

hello friends how are you all come everyone is fine, let's go to our free fire again and let's come to some new nice event let's not know how to get, you can see in the picture above how to take an oblimitation EMOT If you want to take 599 Diamond, then you will get 100% Discount Card. If you have 100% Discount Card, you will get it at 499 Diamond. One Punch Knockout Below is a picture of the event 

So Friend this is our Gusir Skin is quite good for me but I couldn't take it when I liked it the most before and I don't like it so I won't take this skin, whoever likes it can take it if you have less It will take about 1,000 Diamonds, B2k Emot is coming to the next much better event so whoever wants to take it, many people want to take it but the price is close to money, just like Poker Mp40, not everyone can afford it, I don't want to talk too much if you I like our websites, but stay with us, thank you very much

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