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★☆★ Welcome to Release Group ★☆★

✅ About Release Social Media 

 Release is a "social networking service (SNS)" that allows you to share photos and videos. Contributors can also earn points (advertising revenue) of 1pv $ 0.0009 (USD) depending on the number of views. 

✅ For information on how to register and post, please see the blog below.

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✅ How to receive points 

 Release point exceeds 2,000p (about 17.75 USD), you can exchange it for your home currency or cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and USDT by applying to the support center.

✅ Member registration form 

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✅ Operating company 

 Release Social Media is operated by a Japanese company and serves the world. We have also issued our own cryptocurrency "Release Coin (REL)" and are currently listed on four cryptocurrency exchanges. * Please see the official website for details.  ➡

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