From Asia to the world using cutting-edge technology!

The Release Project transforms agricultural and fisheries logistics around the world with cutting-edge technologies such as AI, big data, Web3 smart contracts, and blockchain!


Release Social Commerce is an application that uses cutting-edge technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), big data, blockchain, and Web3 smart contracts, and is an epoch-making system that will significantly change the logistics of agriculture and fisheries in the world.

From farmers, fishermen, and kitchen gardeners all over the country, you can easily use a dedicated application to cultivate vegetables, fruits, and freshly caught fish and shellfish from your mobile phone. It is available to be delivered to all consumers.

Farmers and fishermen can take pictures of vegetables, fruits, fish and shellfish that they have carefully grown with their mobile phones, and let AI do the rest! It is possible to automatically process all listings, sales, collection operations, and delivery at the online store.

When a buyer finds the ingredients they want in each category, they can quickly prepare for delivery by tapping the purchase button and receive it immediately.

* For all agricultural and marine products, just take a picture with your smartphone or tablet device, AI will automatically recognize the food, and details will be automatically entered in the online market listing form.

Present Situation

Today, the Internet is evolving at an alarming rate every day. However, it is also true that many people are left behind and cannot keep up with the times.

Let me give an example.

Food is an essential part of our lives. However, more than 70% of the world's agricultural and fishing producers do not know how to sell their grown and harvested vegetables, fruits and fish and shellfish over the Internet. The reality is, many producers have to pay a large commission to an intermediary to sell in the online market (e-commerce).

However, if you just take a picture with your smartphone, the food data will be automatically entered in the listing form, it will be automatically listed in the online market (e-commerce), and if the food is sold, the shipping company will be automatically notified. If there was an application that could handle collection and delivery, and collection of money in one stop, this would be a food revolution.

Logistics Structure (fiow)

1. Producers only take pictures of vegetables, fruits, and fish and shellfish with their smartphones. 

We are using Microsoft (azure) to develop applications for automatic photo focus adjustment training using AI, machine learning, and deep learning. It is more than 80% complete now.

We have completed the accuracy check of non-standard judgment due to worm-eaten or scratched crops in the exhibition application, and realized a judgment accuracy that can withstand the operation. Agricultural products that are judged to be NG cannot be listed, so users can purchase with confidence.

When the weight of food is entered in the listing form, we are building an automatic calculation system that automatically reads the value and proposes of the market selling price.

2. Automatic input of food information

Producers simply take pictures of food with their smartphones, and AI (artificial intelligence) pulls information from big data (deep learning) and automatically fills in the required information into a listing form. Food names, food details, categories, prices, keywords, etc... 

Watch the video of automatic photo recognition function and automatic text input function. 👇 

Release Commerce (online food market) 

3. Automatic listing on online market

After completing the automatic entry of the listing form by AI (artificial intelligence), it will be automatically listed in the online market.

Release Commerce (online food market) 

4. Sold food

If the food is sold, the shipping company will be notified based on the location information. 

5. Payment method 

We have completed our own payment method "Escrow (a safe exchange program for prices and products)" and have started using the service on our website Release Commerce "Online Food Market". We process and execute everything from exhibiting to collection / delivery and collection operations on the blockchain, and carry out Web3 decentralized transactions that guarantee reliability.

This payment method realizes safe and secure transactions! "I sent the product but the money was not transferred!" "I paid the money but the product did not arrive!" No such troubles!

6. About food tracking and cryptocurrency payments

Quickly create a network that spans multiple accounts using Amazon managed blockchain and Release's unique Web3 decentralized smart contracts. This will allow producers and consumers to execute transactions (buying and selling and product tracking) without a central authority, and develop a platform where both parties can share data.

7. Ordering

You can easily compare the ingredients listed in many categories. Once you find the ingredients you want, you can easily order them using various payment methods.

Release Commerce (online food market) 

8. Questions / consultations with sellers

Based on the seller's profile and food information, you can ask questions about the products you want to order. 

✅ Release project official site :

Apart from this "Release Commerce" application, "Release Social Media", which we have officially launched, provides familiar information (photos and accommodations) recommended by registered users, such as recommended spots, sightseeing spots, and accommodation facilities. We provide a service to earn REL points (advertising revenue) based on the number of views by posting an introductory text).

Users can earn REL points by posting (photos and introductory texts), use the accumulated points in the "online food market (e-commerce)", and publish their own listings. You can also receive REL tokens, which are already cryptocurrencies, and exchange them for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), etc. to increase your assets.

Release social media is also a platform for helping more people poverty in developing countries around the world.

Release Commerce, which we are currently developing, uses cutting-edge technologies such as AI, blockchain, big data, and proprietary Web3 smart contracts. This allows anyone to simply photograph fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood, and other food products harvested by farmers and fishermen (producers) with their smartphones. It enables farmers and fishermen (producers) to easily list and sell their produce in online marketplaces, while at the same time allowing consumers to purchase delicious food in a fresh, inexpensive, and safe way.

Through this platform, we will reduce food waste from the earth as much as possible. That is our mission. In addition, the Release project is committed to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) (1), (8), (9), (12), (13), and (17).

✅ Release project official site :

Our company entered the IT industry in 2004 and has been operating several websites, including website management, system development, advertising business, and entrepreneurship support sites, mainly in Japan. In 2018, we launched the Release project and are working on expanding our services by integrating social media and e-commerce. 

Introduction and platform features 

“RELEASE Social Commerce” is a combination of social media (SNS) and electronic commerce (Food Online Market), when users publish high-quality and valuable information, and viewers evaluate reliable information. This allows you to use the mechanism for issuing REL tokens issued independently by the Release Project to both the contributor and the evaluator as points.

Release Coin (REL) issuance and features 

The REL tokens issued by the Release Project were issued using "ERC20" technology built on the Ethereum-based blockchain. 

REL tokens can be used to purchase services, shopping, skills and more within the RELEASE platform, and can also be exchanged for ETH, BTC and USDT on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Release Coin (REL) is currently listed on four cryptocurrency exchanges. * Please see here for details →

We aim to increase the value of our platform as well as the value of REL tokens to over $0.37 per REL and a market capitalization of over 5 trillion yen in our 3-year plan.

✅ CoinGecko : 
✅ CoinMarketCap : 

The Release Project transforms agricultural and fisheries logistics around the world with cutting-edge technologies such as AI, big data, Web3 smart contracts, and blockchain!

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🔥 Please participate in "Cloud Staking" which is a fusion of crowdfunding and staking.

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