New drug store called bismillah store next to satkhira medical that beautiful drug store is really amazing and attractive so we all can visit such beautiful drug store regularly also medicine is a very important thing in our daily life we ​​can't go without medicine by taking in medicine we are such a beautiful place  And with this wonderful illustration centered on the beautiful beauty we all take medicine regularly so we need medicine and everyday is a life we ​​are all immobile indeed we all need medicine my friend new shop is open for greetings I went to see huge  A size shop has opened.  And stocked up with different kinds of medicine and met a common friend there, each of us and gossiping, we bought different medicines from this drug store, we both spent time together and came with many good wishes.  Shops are open where medicines are needed and traded. 

 #medicine #shop #friends #bismillah #pharmacy

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Nahid hassan | 64 購読者
 99観覧   2022-09-26
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