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Our minds pant to breathe out of the closed environment of the city.  Having a happy holiday in the natural environment for a while blows away the exhaustion of this mechanical life in an instant.  So there is no pair of resorts to spend a secluded holiday.  And if it is a resort in a beautiful corner surrounded by nature, then there is no question about it.  There is a resort in Sylhet with such an eye-catching piece of beauty.  His name is Nazimgarh Resort.  The beauty of this resort located on the side of Lalakhal in the wonderful environment of Jaintapur in Sylhet will fascinate you.  The resort is located in Khadimnagar, just 15 minutes away from Sylhet city.  It is located next to the Sylhet-Jaflong highway.  Situated on an area of ​​about 6 acres, Nazimgarh Resort looks like a beautiful island in the lap of a hill.Rows of mountains in thick green sheets peeking at the distant border.  There are clouds like fog at the top of the hill.  Strange green water of the flowing river is flowing through the bottom.  When he sees it, he wants to reach out and touch it with cool water.  Right in the middle of this beautifully built resort is standing.  You will be amazed at the first sight and look at its aesthetic beauty.  Sitting at the resort, you will see green hills, clouds and waterfalls.  The resort is like an island in the middle of the green.  There are several places to visit.  Nazimgarh Resort itself is a place worth visiting.  You can also visit the surrounding tea gardens and Khasia Palli.This uniquely beautiful resort of the country has the facility to spend the night with food and drink for more than two hundred people.  There are 15 cottages here.  There are huge gardens, swimming pools, picnics and camping spots, own speed boats for river cruises.  Travel by speed boat through the river to Lalakhal.  It is an interesting thing for any tourist.  Lalakhale has an interesting restaurant in Nazimgarh, a watch tower on the hill to see the sunrise, sunset and the Meghalaya hills on the other side.  There are tent sites for barbecue parties.  You can also do kayaking on the river.  Nazimgarh also has its own restaurant in Jaflong.  Hanging bridge on the other side of the river, restaurant on the other side of Nazimgarh.  Stone lifting is going on in the river.  Do not want to deprive yourself of this beauty.There are three types of arrangements for staying at Nazimgarh Resort.  There is a huge terrace, six in Bengal and a big villa.  The rent is the same, but with modern conveniences - the convenience is equal to a five star hotel.  There are spas and pools, where you can get rid of all your fatigue.  Every installation here is on the edge of a tiller shaded by plants.  If you sit on the veranda of a villa, terrace or Bengal, you will get a touch of trees.  You will be able to spend some lonely moments near nature.  Peaceful obsession can touch your body and mind.
Marayan Dong is a hill in the Mirinja Range at Alikadam in Bandarban with an elevation of about 1640 feet.  Many people also call this mountain Marayan Tong  Marayan Dong.  There is a Buddhist shrine at the very top of the hill.  Open all around and run upwards.  It has a huge statue of Buddha.  The place is also excellent as a place of interest.  The upper part is flat.  As far as the view from here is just mountains and hills.  The settlements are peeking through the gaps.  The river Matamuhuri is flowing like a snake below.  Crop fields can be seen on its two shores.  The Maraithang hills are inhabited by various tribes.  Tripura, Marma and Murang are among them.  Marmaras live at the bottom of this hill.  And in the folds of the hill there is the neighborhood of Murang.  They make their home on the slopes of the mountains.  Their tanghar is slightly above the ground.  Under these houses live various cattle such as cows, goats, pigs, chickens.  Sometimes cattle as well as necessary fuel wood is kept in piles.
 Along with the hills, the Bengalis also depend on these hills for their daily income.  Many Bengalis make a living by selling radish bamboo grown in the hills.  Tobacco is also grown in large quantities in this region.  In fact, tobacco cultivation has surpassed paddy cultivation.  However, the cultivation of tobacco is mainly towards the plains. As we are rising upwards, the green nature around us is making its beauty unobstructed for us.  The waters of the Matamuhuri River, shrouded in winding hills through the lush green fields, sparkle in the twisting light of the afternoon.  In the meantime, some people were busy capturing this scene of the fall afternoon on camera.  On the other hand, the hill people are returning home after completing their day's work with baskets full of fruits and vegetables.  Someone said from the side,  The peak of Marayan Tang can be seen.  Not too far away.  Once again, accumulating strength and courage, I climbed to the top in one go.  Although trekking on a steep mountain road is a bit tiring, all the troubles have vanished in an instant because I have come so close to nature when I reach the top. When I wake up in the morning, I see Prabhakar coming out from behind the mountain little by little through the white sheet of clouds.  I felt like I was standing at the door of heaven.  Every time I am fascinated by this wonderful pastime of nature.  Maybe that's why I run so close to nature again and again.
One day the house and the mind will be in the ground, why did I build a building!  Truly, whenever I hear this song, I am reminded of death.  Ogo Kaaba owner please forgive us all.  We are your slaves, we all bow to you.  Without you, there is no way for us to survive without your mercy. Close your eyes and do not Close your eyes and don't you think What is gone is gone in life You have a reason to strive And all the things that you sacrifice You have many ways to state in life You have many lessons to learn So sleep good on this lovely night I wish that tomorrow your day be More wonderful as you are And like the sun so bright Forget everything that happened today Its indeed a wonderful night Wishing you Good night Do sleep tight! The stars above you Oh how good the stars above look When they shine they look so good When they shine they take away All the negativity of life Just stare at the shining moon today See how bright life can be See the positive aspect of life And all the things you wish to see Look how deep is the connection That you have with your soul Night is a graceful time So that you have a good time Embrace the night with a smile So that you have a loving while Good Night and feel so good! Close your eyes and do not Close your eyes and don't you think What is gone is gone in life You have a reason to strive And all the things that you sacrifice You have many ways to state in life You have many lessons to learn So sleep good on this lovely night I wish that tomorrow your day be More wonderful as you are And like the sun so bright Forget everything that happened today Its indeed a wonderful night Wishing you Good night Do sleep tight!
Harin Ghata can be a wonderful place to visit in the middle of this country for those who are fascinated by the vast expanse of the sea on the one hand and the greenery spread in the middle of the unadulterated forest on the other.  Located in the Barguna district at the southern end of the Barisal division, one can enjoy the enchanting view of sunrise and sunset in the middle of the sea, as well as the green cosmos and various wildlife formed in the celebration of various species of trees.
 The forest starts from the side of Haringhata Bazar, about eight kilometers away from Sadar Taltoli in Amtali upazila of Barguna district.  The road to enter the forest flows through the evergreens.  On either side of which there is a huge forest tree.  This forest is called a part of the Sundarbans.  Because only one river separates these two forests.  On the other side of the forest, Baleshwar, Bishkhali and Payra rivers have joined the Bay of Bengal.  Enjoy the beauty of the river and the sea and see the huge Zhaoban.  It's like two in one.  Besides seeing the forest, the sea will also be seen.  There is only silence and the chirping of birds all over this huge place.  In the midst of the silence, the call of the birds forgets for a moment all the mechanical noise and busyness of action.
 The main attractions of the forest can be seen with deer, pigs and snakes.  To increase the level of happiness, monkeys of evil nature will also be seen.  You will also see different types of animals.  There is a Watchtower facility for visitors to enjoy the natural beauty.  If you wish, you can walk through the forest road near the river.  You can go to see the forest by trawler through the canal in the forest near the estuary of three rivers and the sea.  There will be a huge artificial orchard.  You can take a bath at the mouth of three rivers and the sea to cool your body.  Haringhata has facilities for picnics for tourists.
 At the same time, you can cross the Baleshwar river and see the beautiful mangrove forests of the Sundarbans.  And with a little effort you can spend two-three hours to see the vast beach of Kuakata.  You can easily reach Haringhata from Dhaka.  In that case you have to reach Patharghata by direct bus from Dhaka's two main bus terminals Sayedabad and Gabtali.  It will take eight to nine hours to travel from Dhaka to Patharghata by bus.
 And you can go for a little peaceful journey by launching on the waterway.  If you want to go by boat by launch, you have to get on the launch of Barguna directly from Sadarghat.  After the launch journey of 11-12 hours, you have to go to Kakchira and get off.
 As it is not very developed, there is no accommodation in Haringhata.  You have to spend the night at Patharghata in a government post bungalow or a residential hotel.  As Patharghata is very close to the Bay of Bengal, you will find all kinds of marine fish in the food hotels there.