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Owl Island has become a major attraction for Cox's Bazar travelers in the village of Owen.  Zhaoban rich beach on one side, high hills on the other side.  The Cox's Bazar Marine Drive road, which is about 84 km long, runs through the center to Teknaf.  On the west side of the road adjacent to the Reju canal is the secluded island of Pencharadia.  Owl Island is a paradise for travelers.  There you will be completely noise free.  Where the crow will not come to bother you.  Mermaid Eco Resort from Kalatali in Cox's Bazar in a CNG-powered autorickshaw straight to Rezubridge.  When you look from the road, you can see many huts, big and small, behind the trees.  As soon as you go down the slope of the main road, the noise comes to your ears.  Roddur of Bharadupur flickered in the reservoirs on both sides.  When he went to the reception room, someone handed him a bunch of colorful flowers.  Then comes the welcome drink, the welcome drink, the freshly picked dab from the tree.  The work of allocating bungalows is over after finishing the coconut water.  Hard to remember the name of the bungalow where the accommodation was arranged.  The names of the remaining 30 villas and bungalows are the same.
 But the house is really good for the mind.  On the outside, it looks like a cottage, but on the inside, it has all the modern conveniences.  The moment you enter the bathroom, the mind becomes better.  Shampoo made in a glass container instead of market shampoo filled in plastic bottles.  It is again covered with green leaves.  Two wood roses are planted on each side.  Soap and shampoo are kept in a long coconut shell.  Mermaid Eco Resort has used as little as possible all the things that are harmful to the environment.  All the bungalows have been built while maintaining the natural environment of Owl Island.  Yoga centers, spas, boat trips, conference rooms, theaters are all now available at this eco-friendly leisure center.  Architect Ziauddin Khan designed the original Mermaid Eco Resort.
 No matter how fast you go, you will miss a lot if you don't sit on the deck of the boat club.  Full moon in the sky, huge water of the sea in front.  All areas are drowning in astonishing silence.  If you want, stay leaning till late at night.  Not even a crow will bother you.
 From Kalatali in Cox's Bazar, you can take a CNG-powered autorickshaw to Owl Island.  The rent will be around 200 rupees.  Besides, CNG can be taken directly from Cox's Bazar Airport.  It will take only 20 minutes. There are many types of bungalows at Mermaid Eco Resort.  However, bungalow booking has to be arranged before leaving.  There are 30 cottages in this resort.  The cottages here have different categories of rooms.  Room rent for cottages in the first category is 2,500 to 6,000 rupees and in the second category is 6,000 to 18,000 rupees.  The resort has all the facilities of a three star hotel.
Lake View Island has been set up in an abandoned camp surrounded by small hills on the banks of Kaptai Lake under the supervision of the army.  Besides, the tourist area has been made with an area of ​​more than four acres of two tillers.  Beautiful cottages have been built here.  When you take a boat out on the water of the lake, you will see LAKE VIEW ISLAND written in large English letters on the hill tiller.  As you climb the stairs made of bricks and concrete from the water to the top of the hill, you will see cottages surrounded by green trees.  Named 'Resort Karnafuli'.  At the beginning of the resort, arrangements have been made to see the beauty of the lake in a glass house surrounded by glass.  There is only peace if you lie down on the sofa.  It is nice to see small boats and mountain ranges running across the lake.  You can stay in any air-conditioned or ordinary cottage.  As soon as you cross the cottage, you will see a huge wooden barge floating in the water.  This barge has been built in the style of the painter Sultan's barge  Named Nilkauri.  This bluebird is not a small bird.  It is actually an elite barge boat of 50 feet.  It cost about 12 lakh rupees to make.  It has two double beds made of cane, with adjoining toilet.  It has accommodation for six people.  There is a cooler machine in the bedroom.  You can sit on a set of sofas on the veranda or on the roof and drink tea in a relaxed manner.  In addition to Lake View Island, there is a cottage called ‘Hilltop Resort’ on the hill adjacent to the historic dam of Kaptai Lake.  You can stay there too.  The sluice gate of Kaptai Dam, Kaptai Dam and the water level of the lake can be seen through the windows of the hilltop.  If you wish, you can dive into the swimming pool next to the resort.
 Kids Corner has been created for children on two hills called Yellow and Orange Zone.  There is a machanghar (tree house) on the tree.  Hanging bridges have been built to go from one Machang to another Machang.  There are adventure parks for children and teenagers.
 The rent for a 50-person picnic spot on Lake View Island is Rs 15,000 on public holidays and Rs 10,000 on other days.  If there are more than 50 people, the cost will be 225 rupees per person.  Apart from this, each chair costs 10 rupees, each table costs 15 rupees.  The music system can be rented for five thousand rupees.  Each packet of food will cost 200 rupees. If you want to go to Kaptai, 56 km away from Chittagong, you have to take a bus from Bahaddarhat bus terminal.  It will take two hours to two and a quarter hours.  You can go by CNG autorickshaw, own car, microbus or Kaptai line bus.  To get to Lakeview Island Resort, you have to get off in front of the protected area of ​​Kaptai Dam.  From there it will take 10 minutes to take a CNG-powered autorickshaw to Hilltop Resort.
The Happy Island has been built near the Kaptai Lake in Rangamati district, a reservoir of natural beauty.  The island is basically a water park with lush green nature and excellent architecture.  This remarkable water island was inaugurated on 23 April 2018 on a hill surrounded by Kaptai Lake after a long effort of almost two years by the 305 Infantry Brigade of the Bangladesh Army.  Happy Island has been built on a 45-acre site with a variety of arrangements in the shape of a giant fish.  The park has a variety of attractions including water rides, lake view swimming pools and boat rides.  Happy Island Park, adorned with rows of flowering trees, is a place that people of all ages will love.  There are also picnic arrangements, coffee shops and sculptures of fish daughters.  Nowadays, it has become very popular as a place of entertainment for people of all ages, including children.  Entrance Prices and Schedules Happy Island is operated under the Forest Holiday Resort, which is overseen by the Army Region.  As a result, if you want to go to Happy Island, you have to enter the forest resort first.  The entrance fee to Aranyak Resort is Rs 50 per person and the entrance ticket to Happy Island with boat fare is Rs 200 per person.  The park is open to visitors from 11 a.m. every day except Saturday.How to get there Different buses are available from Fakirapur, Gabtali and Kalabagan in Dhaka to Rangamati.  Buses usually leave for Rangamati between 8am and 9am and between 8.30pm and 11pm.  Bus fare is 900-1200 rupees per person.  You can get off the bus at Rangamati Cantonment and go to Happy Island at Aranyak Resort by auto or CNG with Main Road.Where to stay at Aranyak Resort on Happy Island. The room rent for each night will be Rs. 5,000-10,000.  Rangamati also has a number of residential hotels for overnight stays, including Hotel Prince, Hotel Mountain View, Hotel Moti Mahal, Hotel Zoom Palace and Hotel Green Castle.  Where to eat Happy Island has fast food national food.  However, if you stay at the resort, the resort authorities arrange food.  If you want, you can have food at Banarupa Bazaar or Vedvedi.  Besides, the food of Spice Restaurant, Pajan Restaurant, Irish Restaurant and Sabarang Restaurant in Rangamati town is quite popular.
Bangladesh-India cross-border river is named.  A park has been set up by the Kurigram Water Development Baird on the north-west bank of the Dharla River.  And on the south bank there is a vast field, known as Madan's field.  The rivers Dharla and Brahmaputra meet near Kurigram.  A bridge was built over the Dharla river to protect the connection between Nageshwari and Bhurungamari upazilas along with Kurigram.  This bridge is well known as Dhorla Bridge.  In the afternoon, many visitors come to the Dharla Bridge area to spend their time, boat trips or watch the sunset.  Besides, a bridge has been constructed over the river Dharla in Kulaghat of Lalmonirhat Sadar Upazila and Ramprasad area of ​​Shimulbari Union of Fulbari.  Which is known as Sheikh Hasina Dharla Bridge or Second Dharla Bridge.  The construction work of the second Dharla Bridge started in 2014 and was completed in June 2018  The 2nd Dharla Bridge, 950 m long and 9.80m wide, has a total of 19 spans.  The length of the first Dharla Bridge is 648 meters.  How to get there If you want to go to Dharla Bridge, you have to come to Kurigram district first.  Several buses ply from Asadgate, Kalyanpur or Gabtali bus stands in Dhaka to Kurigram.  Among the buses are Nabil, Haque Special, Hanif, SN and ENA Transport.  Tickets for AC  Non-AC buses cost from Rs 550 to Rs 1,000 per person.  You can rent an autorickshaw or rickshaw from Kurigram bus stand and come directly to Dharla river bank.Where to stay There are several good quality residential hotels in Kurigram.  Among them are Hotel Arnab Palace, Hotel DK and Hotel Mehdi.Where to eat You can choose Nanna Biryani or Asia Hotel located at Shapla Mere in Kurigram.  Also don't forget to have tea and chop from Saju shop on the banks of Dharlar river.
Our minds pant to breathe out of the closed environment of the city.  Having a happy holiday in the natural environment for a while blows away the exhaustion of this mechanical life in an instant.  So there is no pair of resorts to spend a secluded holiday.  And if it is a resort in a beautiful corner surrounded by nature, then there is no question about it.  There is a resort in Sylhet with such an eye-catching piece of beauty.  His name is Nazimgarh Resort.  The beauty of this resort located on the side of Lalakhal in the wonderful environment of Jaintapur in Sylhet will fascinate you.  The resort is located in Khadimnagar, just 15 minutes away from Sylhet city.  It is located next to the Sylhet-Jaflong highway.  Situated on an area of ​​about 6 acres, Nazimgarh Resort looks like a beautiful island in the lap of a hill.Rows of mountains in thick green sheets peeking at the distant border.  There are clouds like fog at the top of the hill.  Strange green water of the flowing river is flowing through the bottom.  When he sees it, he wants to reach out and touch it with cool water.  Right in the middle of this beautifully built resort is standing.  You will be amazed at the first sight and look at its aesthetic beauty.  Sitting at the resort, you will see green hills, clouds and waterfalls.  The resort is like an island in the middle of the green.  There are several places to visit.  Nazimgarh Resort itself is a place worth visiting.  You can also visit the surrounding tea gardens and Khasia Palli.This uniquely beautiful resort of the country has the facility to spend the night with food and drink for more than two hundred people.  There are 15 cottages here.  There are huge gardens, swimming pools, picnics and camping spots, own speed boats for river cruises.  Travel by speed boat through the river to Lalakhal.  It is an interesting thing for any tourist.  Lalakhale has an interesting restaurant in Nazimgarh, a watch tower on the hill to see the sunrise, sunset and the Meghalaya hills on the other side.  There are tent sites for barbecue parties.  You can also do kayaking on the river.  Nazimgarh also has its own restaurant in Jaflong.  Hanging bridge on the other side of the river, restaurant on the other side of Nazimgarh.  Stone lifting is going on in the river.  Do not want to deprive yourself of this beauty.There are three types of arrangements for staying at Nazimgarh Resort.  There is a huge terrace, six in Bengal and a big villa.  The rent is the same, but with modern conveniences - the convenience is equal to a five star hotel.  There are spas and pools, where you can get rid of all your fatigue.  Every installation here is on the edge of a tiller shaded by plants.  If you sit on the veranda of a villa, terrace or Bengal, you will get a touch of trees.  You will be able to spend some lonely moments near nature.  Peaceful obsession can touch your body and mind.
Boga Lake is a naturally formed lake in the mountains about 2700 feet above sea level.  According to geologists, the lake was formed naturally on the top of a hill about two thousand years ago.  Dead volcanoes are caused by volcanoes or meteorites falling from space.  Boga Lake is located at a distance of about 70 km from Bandarban town and about 15 km from Ruma Upazila Sadar, adjacent to Keokaradang.  The location of this lake covers an area of ​​about 15 acres on top of the hill.  The lake of calm water has captured a bluish color with a handful of blue from the sky.  The lining of the blue water on the top of the hill has created a natural collage with the blue sky.  If you are not fascinated, you can see the combination of sky, mountains and water.  Nature has poured a touch of green here.  The fatigue of crossing inaccessible paths is lost in the abyss of the lake.  All in all, it is like a beautiful green land.
  Bagalek is also called Dragonlake by many.  Every morning, evening or night, Boga Lake takes on a new look.  The bright light of the morning gives such a fresh look to Boga Lake.  In the same way, a different magical handcuff can be seen at night.  Bagalek at night is completely different from Boga Lake by day.  And if the night is a moonlit night, it may be one of the best nights of your life.  What a wonderful way to screw people over.  In the pitch black night, the moon suddenly bursts into the calm water of Bagalek with a glimmer of light. With a handful of blue from the sky, the lake itself has taken on a bright color.  The blue water lining on the top of the hill has created a natural collage with the sky.  The combination of sky, mountains and water can be seen with fascinated eyes.  Nature has poured a touch of green here.  The fatigue of crossing inaccessible paths is lost in the abyss of Boga Lake.
 This is like a beautiful green land.  Many people also call Boga Lake as Dragon Lake.  At three o'clock in the morning, evening and night, Boga Lake takes on a new look.  The bright light of the morning gives such a fresh look to Boga Lake.  In the same way, a different magical handcuff can be seen at night.  The white lake at night is completely different than the day.  If the night is a full moon, it may be one of the best nights of your life.  What a wonderful way to screw people over.  On a pitch black night, the moon suddenly bursts into the calm waters of Boga Lake with a glimmer of light.
  When to go to Boga Lake
  In the rainy season, the Rumagami jeep goes to Kaiksyangjhiri.  Then you have to travel for more than 1 hour in an engine driven boat to reach Ruma Sadar.  From Ruma you have to walk or go to Bagalek by jeep.  It is very difficult to go to Boga Lake during the monsoon season.  So it is better to choose winter in Boga Lake trip
  First you have to go to Bandarban city.  Vehicles of several transport companies leave for Bandarban every day from different parts of Dhaka.  You can go to Bandarban by taking any one of the buses like Shyamli, Hanif, Unique, S Alam, Dolphin.  These buses leave from Kalabagan, Sayedabad or Fakirapul for Bandarban at 10 pm or 11:30 pm.  Non-AC bus fare is 550 rupees per person.  AC 950 rupees.