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Cottage industry is the process of making small quantities of products at home.  Through cottage industries, the tradition, culture and history of abhaman Bengal came to light.  So it is a traditional industry of Bangladesh.  Cottage industries are also called handicrafts, handicrafts, amateur handicrafts, rural industries.
 According to the Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation an industry which is fully or partially run by a member of the same family and the family artisan is engaged in part-time or full-time production and in which more than 10 persons are powered and powered.  If the machine is not used, more than 20 artisans will not be engaged in production, so the cottage industry.  According to the Industrial Policy 2010, "Cottage industries are those industries where the value of fixed assets, excluding land and factories, is less than Rs.
 History of cottage industry
 The cottage industry in Bengal started with the production of world famous muslin cloth.  From the Mughal period to the British Empire, textile production was the main cottage industry in the region.  After partition, cottage industry production and import-export declined.  The East Pakistan Small and Cottage Industries Corporation was established in 1958 by a government law.  After the war of liberation, the East Pakistan Small and Cottage Industries Corporation was reorganized and renamed as 'Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation
 Different types of cottage industries

 Pottery: Pottery includes various earthen dolls, statues of gods and goddesses, household items, clay sculptures, tiles, hobby pots, manasaghats and vases.  Notable pottery villages of Bangladesh are located at Bijoypur in Comilla, Madanpura in Patuakhali, Champaknagar in Feni, Kartikpur in Shariatpur and Rayer Bazar in Dhaka.

 Textile industry: Indigenous textile industry includes sari, lungi, dhoti, towel, mosquito net, towel, etc.  Traditional textiles of Bangladesh include tribal textiles, muslin, jamdani, muslin Toroyo sari, Pabna sari, Tangail sari, katan, silk cloth, khaddar cloth etc.

 Jute industry: Jute is used to make scarves, table mats, chess pieces, carpets, fancy handbags, bags etc.  These products are known as jute products.

 Bamboo-cane industry: The bamboo and cane industry of Bangladesh usually makes bamboo cane materials, fences, mats, fishing traps, hand fans, wrappers, sofasets, table mats, wall mats, trays, vases, canopies etc.

 Shitalpati: Shitalpati is one of the traditional handicrafts of Bangladesh.  It is basically a kind of mat where the nature, form and beauty of the abhaman village of Bengal is enhanced through handicrafts.

 Jewelry industry: One of the choices of women in Bangladesh is a variety of handmade jewelry items.  These include Sinthi Jhapa, Kane Kanpasha, Hiram Mul Kuri, Jhumka, Navaratna and Chakrabali, Nake Beshar Nath, Furfuri, Neck Flower, Sitahar, Satnarihar, Champakali, Mohanmala, Hate Taga, Maduli Bazar Mantasha, Ratnachour,  Scorpion on the waist, Chandrahar Kindhini feet, Jhajhura Payal, Tora etc.

 Bronze-brass industry: In Dhamrai, Savar, Chapainawabganj of Dhaka, Islampur of Jamalpur, Rangpur, Tangail and Shariatpur, various daily use items of bronze and brass have been made as a family industry.
 Nakshi kantha: Various types of nakshi kantha have been made in this country since ancient times, which has now become a lucrative industry.  There are basically three types of nakshi kantha made in this country: painted kantha, matikantha and pied kantha.
Rhine is a village in Norway, 100 km above the Arctic Circle.  The village has earned a reputation as "the most beautiful place in the world" as usual. It has a population of only 329 people.  The traditional cottages of some of the best fishermen have been converted into places for travelers to stay.
  Every winter nature lovers and photographers gather here to see the Northern Lights.  Located at an altitude of 100 km above the Arctic Circle, it has become a major attraction.
  When to go
  September to April is the best time to visit Aurora
  Reine Rorbuer - This is a nice, modern evening outfit with biking, kayaking and skiing facilities right next to it.  Rent ৫ 205-440.Imagine, late at night.  Sunsan silence all around.  For some reason you went out and saw the sun hanging on the horizon without setting.  The horizon is illuminated by the orange light emitted from the sun.  Nature, all around, is illuminated by the light of the supernatural.  You are walking in the light of that midnight sun  Incredible, isn't it  We are accustomed to seeing the sun shining in the blue sky of the middle of the day.  If we are told about the burning sun in the dark sky of midnight, then the eyes may rise to the forehead.

 But seeing the sun in the middle of the night is not an unreal or supernatural phenomenon.  ‘Midnight Sun’ is a stunning natural phenomenon.  In this case, the sun does not get lost on the other side of the horizon at the end of the day, it remains fixed on the horizon.  This means that in this case, sunlight is usually available 24 hours a day.  If the sun ever sets, it's midnight.  The sun is seen rising again in the morning.  If you want to see Suzymama in the night, you have to go to Norway, a country in Europe.
Work on the country's first island-based tourist center 'Naf Tourism Park' at the mouth of the Naf River in Teknaf, Cox's Bazar, is progressing rapidly.  The park is under construction on an area of ​​more than 290 acres.  Siam Siam International of Thailand has invested about USD 500 million in the supervision of Bangladesh Economic Zone Bazar.
 Meanwhile, in the next two years, it is said to be suitable for tourists to travel.
 Teknaf is a circular island visible from the mainland.  The island has been occupied by the locals for ages and has been cultivating fish.  In 2015, Pawan Chowdhury, chairman of the Bangladesh Economic Zone Bazar, took the initiative to make the island a Naf Tourism Park, thinking of developing an island-based tourism industry in the country.
 Since then, its infrastructure has been moving forward rapidly.  The eco-friendly tourism park employs about 20,000 people and can attract one million tourists every year.  About 9 and a half kilometers from the mainland, you have to cross the river by cable car to reach the island.
 With the opening of Naf Tourism Park, the tourism industry in Cox's Bazar will be considered at a unique height in the world court, said tourism entrepreneurs.

 The park will have various facilities including hanging bridge, five star hotel, river cruise, eco cottage, children's park, floating restaurant, Myanmar on one side and rows of mountains on the other side, it is a wonderful combination of nature.  All in all, this Naf Tourism Park will be one of the favorite places of tourists.  Those concerned with tourism.  It has been newly built. A very beautiful park has been newly built inside Bangladesh. I hope you will like it a lot. It has become very popular at the present time. People are going here every day for picnics.  I hope you enjoyed it a lot. I am very happy and excited to present to you a picture of a new amazing park at the present time.
Ha Long Bay is located in the province of Quangni in Vietnam.  Halong Bay is named after the city of Ha Long.  The area of ​​the bay is 1553 sq km.  Its clear blue water contains various types of limestone, which has enhanced its beauty many times over.  Innumerable hills of these limestone after a while in the bay.  There are about 1,960 to 2,000 small islands of limestone.  However, the area of ​​the main part of the bay is 334 square kilometers.  The average temperature here is 15-25 degrees Celsius.  Ha Long Bay has 928 islands.  However, there are only two large islands.  There are four floating villages in Halang Bay.  The villages are known as ‘Kua Wen’, ‘Ba Long’, ‘Chong Tu’ and ‘Ha Long City’.  Almost all of the inhabitants are fishermen.  The bay was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1994.  The Vietnamese word ‘ha long’ means ‘dragon descending to the ground’.  The Vietnamese call this bay Vin Ha Long.

 Research has shown that people started living here 10,000 years ago.  Hang Du Go is the largest cave here.  It is an artificial cave covered with a wooden roof.  In the nineteenth century, French tourists named it Grotte de Marvelles.  It is arranged in three huge chambers.  Drop by drop of water falling from the roof of the cave has taken the environment of the cave to a different level with the numerous hanging and earthen pillars of limestone.  Tuan Chou and Kat Ba are the largest islands in Ha Long Bay.

 Different tour companies from Hanoi have different packages for Halong Bay.  Starting at just $ 30.  If you want to go privately, you can take a bus or a minibus from Hanoi.  The minibus will cost you 120,000 dong or 6  You can also rent a private car or taxi.  For this you have to pay 85 dollars for each car.  If you rent the whole trip for 2 days and 1 night, the cost will be  $ 150.
 The best time to travel,
 The best time to visit Halong Bay is from March to June.  If you want to travel in solitude, it is better not to go on public holidays in Vietnam.

 How to go,
 There are no direct flights from Bangladesh to Vietnam.  First you have to go to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, via transit to Malaysia or Singapore.  Halong Bay is 180  kilometers from Hanoi, Vietnam.  It takes a total of eight hours to get there and back.

 Where to stay,
 There is a floating hotel 16 kilometers from the landlocked part of Halong Bay, where you can spend the night in the heart of the mountainous bay.