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One of the attractions of the fair is the large size of different species of fish.  Large fish of various species are found here;  In particular, significant quantities of tiger, ayr, boal, katla, pangas, sea tuna, mackerel, etc. are sold and bought in large quantities.  However, a large number of farmed small and large fish are also available.  During the fair, a large number of large and live fish were found together. During the search, it was found that many fish farmers in the area raised fish for sale at the fair for more profit.  In addition, fish such as Baghair, Ayr, etc., which have been caught in the river for a long time for sale at fairs, are kept in local ponds or other ponds.  During the fair, the fishing carts that come to the nearby Golabari yard go directly to the fair, the outside vendors collect fish from the fair.  Due to the huge demand for big fish for entertaining guests and daughters-in-law during the fair, big fish can be seen in other markets of Gabtali as well.  Also available at the fair are wooden furniture, bamboo and cane products, iron products, fruits, a variety of sweet and savory products and lots of lime.  Besides, circuses, merry-go-rounds and ballads are organized for entertainment on the occasion of the fair.  At the center of the fair, everyone from the surrounding villages invited their son-in-law and entertained them with large fish.  In addition to the necessary household items, the farmers also collect lime from the fair for drinking throughout the year.  The fair is held at Poradaha area on the banks of Ichhamati, about 11 km east of the city.  As a result, the fair is best known as 'Poradaha' fair.
 The main attraction of the fair is the variety of fish.  The big fish were brought to the yard before dawn on Wednesday.  And the retailers rushed to the spot from dawn to dusk.  They buy fish according to demand.  Later, these traders decorated fish stalls and sat in the shops.  Shopping is going on in the shops all day long.
 Different species of fish including Baghair, Rui, Katla, Mrigel, Boal, Silver Carp, Bighead, Kalbaus, Pangas are available in this fair.  Tigers weighing two to two and a half pounds are also available at the fair.  Rui, Katla, Pangas weighing 15 to 20 kg are available.
 Another attraction of the fair is the bahari confectionery.  Fish shaped sweets, rasgolla, sandesh, jilapi, nimki, sesame seeds, khai, dried sweets are available.  One of the attractions of the sweet burning fair weighing 1.5 to 2 kg.
 The fair features a variety of cosmetics and toys, including decorative cosmetics, toys, gift items, theft, earrings, necklaces, kajals, makeup boxes, bats, balls, video games.  Besides, various wooden, steel and iron furniture are available at the fair.
Padma or Lotus is a very familiar flower to the people of rural Bengal.  Its native habitat is Southeast Asia.  The national flower of India.  English name-kharang, family-ghusadhyadhabapabhadhab.  Botanical name-ghabsansandar ghamparbhavatdha.  Tuber is a terrestrial perennial aquatic plant.  Its proliferation occurs through the tuber.  Although the leaf floats on water, its tuber or root remains in the ground under water.  As the water level rises, so do the trees.  The leaves are quite large, thick, round and green in color.  The leaf axils are quite long, the inner part is very hollow.  The inside of the flower data has numerous tiny holes.  The lotus flower is large in size and has numerous soft petals.  The flowers are upward, with pollen in the middle.  Boiling fresh flowers have a sweet aroma.  The flowers bloom at night and from dawn to dusk before the intensity of the sun rises.  As the intensity of the sun increases, the flowers shrink and bloom later.  Boiling flowers thus lose their beauty for a long time.  The color of the lotus flower is basically a mixture of red, white and pink.  Moreover, various species of lotus flowers can be seen.  Among them are red, white and blue flowers.  Padma flowers can be seen blooming in the water of haors, canals and lakes in almost every natural reservoir of Bangladesh.  Flowering begins in the rainy season.  However, it blooms more in autumn and lasts till autumn.  The beauty of the blossoming flower catches the eye.  Fascinated by the beauty of the form, many poets have portrayed the color of the lotus flower in different ways in their poems.  The lotus flower is very dear and sacred to the Hindu people.  Especially in Dugar Puja, there is a lot of demand and appreciation for the lotus flower.  Due to the demand for flowers, many people are making a living by relying on the collection and sale of these lotus flowers.  Moreover, lotus flower is a flowering plant rich in medicinal properties.  Its data can be eaten as a vegetable.  Incomparable in filling the calcium deficiency in the human body.  It is very useful in curing itching and blood diarrhea.
Leaving the vast dunes of the Kuakata Sea to the west, you will see a small stream of muddy waters, a river and a protected mangrove forest called Fatara Char, rising in the bosom of the turbulent sea estuary.  Its area is about 997507 acres.  It is already known as the 'Second Sundarbans'.  There are mangrove species of plants like Keora, Gewa, Sundari, Fatra, Garan, Bain, Golpata etc. and numerous animals and birds including monkeys, pigs.
 This char is a part of the Sundarbans.  Twice a day it is flooded by tides.  Reptiles like pythons, gokhara, gui snakes can also be seen with the help of luck.  Besides, you will be fascinated by the call of different species of birds, big and small.  Shortly after walking on the horizon of the vast sea, you will see the forest of Fatra Char, which has awakened in the heart of the sea.  It is like a forest floating in the chest of the sea.  Whenever you enter the Fatara Char canal by trawler, you will be greeted by dense green forests on both sides.  As soon as you cross the jetty of the trawler and enter the char, you will see a paved pond and a rest house built by the forest department.  This pond was originally made for the fresh water of the people living temporarily in the char.  No one lives here permanently except for a few forest rangers from the forest department.  This time you will enter the dense forest through the pond.  In the midst of this silence of nature, the call of a bird calling from time to time will take you to another world.  There is a small beach in the eastern part of the char, you can get off at this beach at low tide.  If you want to go here, you have to cross the green forest of the forest and the bamboo bridge built over a few small canals.  The vastness of the sea beyond the dense green will fascinate any traveler.  However, there is no permanent accommodation for tourists in this scenic char.  However, you can stay in the resthouse subject to the permission of any official of the forest department.
 Only from November to March you can enter Fatra Char.  You will only have two hours to tour the char.
 Numerous trawlers leave Kuakata every day for forest purposes.  If you wish, you can go without reservation.  It will take about 2 hours.  There is only one shop where chicken with coarse rice is available.  You can also take dry food with you on the way.
We are Muslims, how beautiful is our religious ceremonies, how beautiful is the environment, how beautiful is the date, how beautiful is the environment of the sari site with different types of decorator pendals, how beautiful is the environment of the sari site, you can see in the pictures, many people, thousands of people  Religion Every human being is a Muslim. How many people have come to us from far and wide to make our religion a beautiful religion? We went here.  How many people have come here on this occasion? You can see an S here. How beautiful it is to see a high place. Many people in a state are talking in different ways and they are sitting there. Here is Maulana Hafizur Rahman Kuakata, an internationally renowned commentator on the Qur'an.  As you will discuss here in a beautiful environment people have come here these shoes  For Nar, he will be discussing our Qur'an and Hadith in different ways, so we are coming here to listen to the beautiful environment in which people can listen to the light of different types of Islam.  He will narrate the words he knows very well in the light of Islam. We will try to hold on to our religion by using them. And he will present the discussion in an environment where Allah has a lot of sincerity and love for us towards that religion.  If we can observe it in a very beautiful way, then we will live in the rain for the rest of our lives. We are coming to hear various discussions from this internationally renowned speaker and how beautiful is the hope of people from far and wide.  Thousands of people are coming here with beautiful lighting to go to the place and what a beautiful environment  With this we have come to listen to Tafsirul Quran Mahfil. You can see the scene of this coming. Every Muslim has a hat on his head. Everyone is wearing different hats and turbans.  I can see how beautiful it is to see different types of people recording on mobile phones and taking pictures on mobile phones. I hope you all like it if you like it or if I respond to you in one mind, I hope you will feel very proud.  I have presented a picture to you. You can see many pictures here, how beautiful they look and I am Koira Kalroa Thana City Satkhira Country Bangladesh.
Just 3 km away from Thakurgaon city, on the side of Ruhiya Highway 3 located in the old Thakurgaon of Akcha Union, the dream world park has caught the eye of the entertainment thirsty visitors.  The reason for this is that there is a beautiful pond in this park.  Surrounding the pond are betel trees and various sculptures of extinct animals, including educational sculptures, as if desperate to welcome each visitor.  With the chirping of birds, the minds of the lone visitors merge.  The park is adorned with green natural beauty.
 Md. Golam Sarwar Chowdhury, the former chairman of the union, established the park on a 8-acre land in 2017 on his own initiative for the entertainment of the people of the region.  Visiting the park on Friday, one can see the overflowing crowd of visitors.  Some are in private cars, some are in rickshaws, some are on motorbikes and many esteemed people of the district are coming to Sapna Jagat Park with their families to spend time.  Some of them are teachers, some are lawyers, some are government employees.  Not only entertainment but also a lot of visitors can be seen walking around the park and learning a lot.  Asked about the popularity of the park in terms of children's entertainment, he said, "I have been trying to decorate the park with children's entertainment in mind."  There are sports and recreation facilities for children and there is a zoo.  The sculptures and various signboards in the park will play a vital role in developing a child's talent and making him responsible for his country and the nation.
 There is also a smoke-free Sapna Jagat Food Corner at Swapna Jagat Park for the convenience of the visitors.  Apart from bidis and cigarettes, there is a need for food.  The founder of the park also said that various events including picnics, birthdays and weddings can be held in this park.  At this time, he invited everyone to visit Swapnajagat Park at least once.