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A small river, its name is Kansai .Good name is Kangsavati. The people of Purulia call this river Kansai.  In every season these rivers and river banks appear with dali of unparalleled beauty.  #Now autumn ... the water is flowing in the river, somewhere on the knees and somewhere up to the waist. Kashaban on the river bank and on both sides of the river. It looks as if someone has spread a white sheet on the chest of the river.  The white goats are sitting quietly on the banks of the river, sometimes flying over the white kashabana into the blue sky.  Green trees on both sides of the river ... As far as the eye can see, only green and green will catch your eye.  The sweet call of birds is coming from far away. Blue sky and white clouds like combed cotton are floating on the head.  The fisherman is on his knees in the water waiting for his prey. The little boys are swimming in the river with childish arrogance.  At the end of the day, "they work" meaning the scene of working men and women returning home will also attract you. There is a small railway bridge in the distance. The bridge painted red and white can be seen from a distance.  It may seem like Naderchand- "He will not survive if he sits quietly on one side of the bridge today and does not see the river for a while ....." ('River Rebellion' - Manik Bandyopadhyay).  Occasionally a couple of freight trains run over that red-and-white bridge.  Seeing this amazing view makes you feel like you are lost somewhere else.  To be honest, it happened to me yesterday.  So I shared with you the experience of enjoying the beauty of Kansai river.  I gave you some pictures ... you may like it.
When the world is stagnant, when the oxygen level in the air doubles or triples, people are still stockpiling oxygen cylinders at home, when there is a sense of disbelief among childhood friends, when thousands of people involved in travel and hotel business are lost in the uncertain future, when travel is thirsty.  Exhausted, they showed the way.  They are a group of forty-six female friends.  They are all friends through Facebook.  This is the first time they met on the platform of Sealdah station.  They are all associated with different livelihoods.  Some work, some do drama and some are housewives or brides.  But they all have a great deal in common.  That is, they are all travel-thirsty, nature-loving and open-minded friends.

 Last week their journey was to Suntalikhola in North Bengal.  The day before yesterday they returned to Calcutta.  They reached Siliguri the next day on the night infantry express from Sealdah.  From there we reached a unique beautiful world in a two hour journey.  He is not afraid of any hunter in the world, there is no pain to cover his face because the name of the place is Jaldhaka.  They pitched a tent in a private hotel in Nagarakata.  Then for three days just walk under the blue sky, run and want to touch the indescribable beauty and joy of nature that can touch people to get rid of all the exhaustion of life.  Bathing in the water of the fountain, sitting on a big stone throne, soaking 8 pairs of feet in the mountain river, the story of six red and blue umbrellas in the pouring rain, lost in the nature, in the lap of the mountain river of Laliguras.  A feast at the hotel with fresh fish broth from the hilly river, tasting chicken momos with smoked tea at Samsung's aunt's shop in the afternoon and sitting under a milky shade tree red golden tree in the middle of a dense green tea garden and singing with 6 voices ...
 "My release is light in this sky".

 Based in Nagarakata, they visited Jaldhaka, Rocky Island, Suntalikhola, Chalsa, Metli, Samsing, Laliguras for three days.  These places are very familiar to me due to the fact that I used to work in Siliguri and I used to visit different parts of North Bengal.  On the way back to Siliguri from Cooch Behar, Alipurduar on Saturday, I went down several times with my bag.  There I left the general hotel room in the morning and walked 10-15 km to Metli, Samsing, Laliguras.  I talked to the tea garden workers.  I heard about their misery and then I came back to Chalsa in a tea garden company tractor.  Today, after seeing the pictures shared by the friend of the playwright, I wanted to share them,
One of the few unsolicited actions that Mr. Ershad did to gain cheap popularity was to declare Gaza cultivation, sale and consumption illegal.  The history of Gaza consumption in the subcontinent is not only thousands of years old but also spiritual and mythological (see Shiva).  It is not possible to become perfect without playing Siddhi, so the Pir-Fakir-Baul devotees still live above Gaza.  Even then, I did not see any of them go bankrupt after eating Gaza, I did not see any family break up, I did not hear any rape, I did not see any theft, robbery or robbery to provide money to Gaza.  Because Gaza is agricultural and cheap.  At one time, farmers in Naogaon, Bogra and Kushtia used to earn a lot of money by cultivating cash crops.  If you still go to Bogra and Naogaon, you will see the huge offices and warehouses of the Lost Gaza Association.  However, after Gaza was banned as a means of gaining cheap popularity by the Ershad government, heroin became popular in the country, followed by phencidyl and finally yaba.  Just as the adulteration of chemical adulteration over organic products in food chess, so too in the world of drugs, the place of organic gaza is now ruled by horrible harmful chemicals.  People become destitute, lives are destroyed, families are broken, society is degraded due to the supply of these drugs.

 However, if the working people of the country had the opportunity to work hard in a cheerful mood after consuming a little bit of Gaza, their safari would be reduced and the tolerance in the society would increase.  Everyone would give a discount.  Everyone could be more focused on their work.  Especially in a failed city like Dhaka, why bus drivers can't drive without Gaza is a mystery.

 Gaza or marijuana is now being legalized in many developed countries of the world with the slogan Go Green.  Long-term cannabis addiction can cause brain damage, including memory loss, but according to doctors who work with drug addicts, most of the negative perceptions of society about Gaza are myths.  In addition to the price of other conventional drugs, Gaza is relatively less risky in many respects.  Since Gaza does not create physical dependence, its withdrawal effect is low.  As a result, the consumption of Gaza can be stopped suddenly.  It may seem a bit bad for mental dependence but it can be easily dealt with through mental diversion.  Another major benefit is that oral / oral form does not increase the risk of serious blood-borne infections such as AIDS and hepatitis.  Other drugs in the market create physical dependence which makes withdrawal management very difficult.  There is also a risk of infection. "

 However, the people of the country are still on recreational drugs, you have not been able to stop for so many years, and you will not be able to.  It is not possible to close all the windows and keep the house stuffy  If the Bangladesh government also legalizes the relatively less harmful Gaza, alcohol and beer, the youth's dependence on harmful drugs will be greatly reduced.  In addition, potato-based distilleries in Munshiganj, jackfruit-based hilly areas in Gazipur, guava-based in Barisal and Chittagong-based distilleries like Keru will be built in Chittagong.  The government will nationalize the liquor and bidi business and earn a lot of money by imposing high excise taxes and spend it on the development of the state.  But the reality is that no government in the so-called Muslim country will do anything about it.  Once back in this country, not only is it very difficult to move forward, it is impossible!

Those who know me personally know that stay away from Gaza and never blow a bidi.  You have to think about those who blow the butt because Gaza is better than bidi.