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Seeing the picture, many people have understood that it is a fountain!  It is not uncommon for many people to decide to go somewhere in a hurry while sitting at home in the lock down.  However, this tour is not the end!  Most of the waterfalls can be seen by crossing some rivers or seas or some lakes.  However, Khaiya Chara Jharna can be seen after walking some path!  There are so many steps to the shower, so many people save this place for a trip to the shower! However, those who go this rainy season will have to return home with their knees bent after watching the scene of falling from the mountain for 2-3 days every day, then they will have to sleep for 1-2 nights just watching that scene or they may be one of these 2-3 people.  .There is danger for you in every step of this place!  This place has the power to take away your life with a little carelessness!  Many people have seen selling bash here before Dukar. Many people sell bash unnecessarily, for money.  In fact, I do not buy a little dukele regret!  Although I'm sorry I didn't buy it once in two trips.The rocks and hills become very slippery in this monsoon.  Those who have visited have seen that the mountains are almost steep.  My guess is about 60 ° -70 াড়া as steep!Not only in the rainy season, but also in the dry season, there are no casualties.  And there are regular things for the locals!  Again, there are many in the hope that someone is injured!  Because if someone is injured / killed, the fire service and the locals rescue together, but the next scene is very scary!  They don't leave that person for money anymore!  I witnessed such an incident on the 2nd trip!  A man fell, but by the grace of God he became normal after 10-15 minutes.  At first his comrades call the fire services and they take the locals.  People no longer needed to be healed.  He left on his own.  Later, the fire service and locals said they would have to pay for breakfast for their troubles.  About 4-5 thousand rupees 6!  In this way, after a little fight with a little money to get some kind of relief!

 Mendenhall Ice Cave, located 12 miles from Alaska's capital, Juneau, is perhaps one of the most recognizable natural features of Juneau.

 The 13-mile (20.9 km) Mendenhall Glacier is one of 36 glaciers in the 1,500-square-mile Junau Glacier. It is part of the Tongas National Forest.

 Earlier, the glaciers had two names, one Sitanatagu meaning the glacier behind the city, the other Ak Otakasti meaning the glacier behind the small lake.

 There is a very attractive blue ice cave in this glacier. It goes without saying that there is no air inside this ice and this ice absorbs all the colors except blue so this cave is very bright blue to see. This cave is probably the only place in the world where you can see many shades of natural blue.  Will get.

 Here you will see crystals created by nature for millions of years
 Extraordinary artistic shape of clear ice. This cave may look like a fairytale snow maiden's palace. Ice caves have a blue magic world.

 Normally the flow of water flowing through a glacier first forms a hole in the surface of the glacier and as the water flow progresses this hole gradually gets bigger and at one time changes in length and width and takes the shape of a cave.

 This is the story behind the formation of most ice caves. And so the ice constantly melts and creates new caves, all of which collapse over time.

 If glaciers continue to flow inside the glacier, the glacier will continue to slide downwards, and the ice caves may change significantly, expand, change, or collapse from year to year.  Done.

 The cave runs 13 miles into the Mendenhall Valley and ends at Lake Mendenhall. The glacier is 3,000 years old. The Mendenhall Glacier is rapidly declining.  The mouth of the glacier and its environs are constantly changing.

 People who work around the glacier and keep an eye on its changes are hopeful that this decline outside of Mendenhall Lake will be reduced and stabilized.

 However, as a result of this event, the ice caves will no longer exist so it is not a natural sight that you will always see. The entrance to this cave on the west side of the glacier.

 The path to the ice caves is very difficult and if you are not an experienced hiker or if you do not have an experienced guide with you, you are discouraged from entering this cave.

 No matter how you visit the Mendenhall Ice Cave, safety should be a priority. However, it is important to remember that the environment of a glacier is always changing.

 If you have the ability to withstand cold-water as well as paddling skills, you can visit the caves.

 However, we must keep an eye on the weather changes. However, winter is the best time to go here when the snow is thick.

 Due to the greenhouse effect, the ice cave melts, so this trip can be dangerous for those who do not know the safe way. Even after all this, thousands of visitors come to see this cave every year.
Local tourists from all over Pakistan and  international tourists all over the visits Gilgit-Baltistan to see its beautiful lush green fields, beautiful valleys, lakes mountains glaciers, earlier royal palaces and trekking areas  found in different districts of Gilgit-Baltistan and never tired of lauding the beauty  of this beautiful places and linkens it as paradise on earth or the Swizerland of Pakistan.
Both International and local tourist to explore  the beauty of Gilgit-Baltistan and  to cheer the natural beauty forgetting all their troubles and miseries visits different districts of Gilgit-Baltistan to see either  pastures of Deosai, Lakes and mountains of Skardu, historical places of hunza and trekking places in other district, but what if nature has crafted a  valley where one could  see all these sceneries in this single valley! Yes in this single valle y.
But the valley (mother of untouched natural beauty) I am talking about is still unveiled paradise and need to be explored.
Have you heard the name of Nagar District?If not, you must have heard the name of Majestic Rakaposhi mountain[mother of mist] whith the Elevation of 7788 metre and the 20th highest peak of the world  
or pyramid shape world  38th ranked diran peak. 
if you have listen the name of these peak but not the District nagar, believe me you  are obviously missing the real beauty of Gilgit-Baltistan.
Referring to my intro I am going the reveal the beauty of one of the valley of district nagar, which the most tourist misses just like as if they miss the flight with tickets in  hand. That is  nagar khas, a sub divison of District Nagar also called valley of trekkers and expeditors . It consist of high altitude Mountains,Glaciers,beautiful valleys and lakes Which you won’t see all these magnificiant scenic beauty in single district, as it seems nature has crafted it especially to have the greatest tourism experiences.
If you have ever  visited attaabad lake through karakurom higway, you must feel regret because you have reached there  missing the beauty of fantasy and poetic land, nagar khas.
This valley is located along with Hunza valley and all the beauty, infront   you see from karimaabad is obviously the nagar valley. Both hunza and nagar khas has been indepedent states in past with mir shaukat ali khan last royal ruler.
It is accessible from road  and takes about one half an hour to enter the nagar khas valley.
You can take your way to nagar valley  from hunza valley, take right just  after crossing the Ganish bridge.
The first place which  can be visit after reaching is royal garden dongs nagar khas which previously used to be capital of princely state nagar khas. Where one can witness the antique traditons of nagar state. Royal courts which were used as courts of justice and palaces of marble  still exist.
 The canon and other warfare equipment in the royal garden witnesses the bravery, chivalory,courage and gallantry of the people who fought by themselves against the invasion of british army led by colonel Durand. 
Hoper is most beautiful place in Nagar, a land of snow-clad mountains, but the sheer power of glaciers to carve out new landscapes makes intricately gorgeous too Two other glaciers along with hoper glacier, Barpu glacier and Mier Glacier are are located in this area

Heading towards hoper one can witness the lush green pastures, golden peak in the back drop, peering out happy high mountains and lady finger hunza.. 

Opposite to Hopar the white Bualtar glacier is joined by the Barpu Glacier. This is a base camp for treks into the high, glacier-draped peaks called the Hispar Muztagh.
The another wonder of Nagar khas is Rush lake, which is one of the highest alpine lakes in the world.It is 5,098 m (16,726 ft) high and 14th world highest lake. It is located about 15 km (9 mi) north of Miar Peak and Spantik (Golden Peak).if you start your trek from nagar khas it takes  a day to reach by trek with one night stay  on the way.
 Since recent years it has been centre of attention for both international and local trekkers.   
 Hisper Valley is the last village of Nagar Valley and is about 28 km from the main town of Nagar Valley. It is the camping site for the adventurers who are interested in trekking over the Biafo Glacier, from Nagar to Skardu and those seeking to climb Pumari Chhish or Kunyang Chhish will go through this village. This village consist of 150 houses and visitors can see the Hisper Glacier from this village.
Another trekking and campin site is Bar Ter trek which is most beautiful and unexplored beauty yet.It is 30 KM from main city.
it has highest playing ground  with its scenic beauty and has long grazing pastures with trekking routes.if you want to see hoper glacier, hoper valley, barpu glacier, hunza valley,lady finger,rakapohi, diranchi peak and miyar Glacier at a time,God has made a gorgeous arrangement for you.
 Bar ter is the place where you can  make your fantasy dream came true, yes this is nature’s splendid gift where you can  view of all these.
Finally don’t forget to have a delicious traditional chapshoro after doing with all these scener
There are several ancient and historical places in Raiganj upazila of Sirajganj district of Bangladesh.
  Jayasagar is one of the ancient and historical lakes.  Jayasagar Dighi is located between Nimgachhi and Gotitha mouzas of Sonakhara union in Raiganj upazila of Sirajganj district.  This historical and ancient lake is quite huge.  In ancient times the length of the lake was half a mile, the width was a little less than half a mile, i.e. the area was about 56 acres.  The beauty of the clear water of this lake fascinates the incoming tourists.  There are many folk tales about this lake.  King Achyut Sen Gauradhipati Feroz Shah was the tax king.  Its capital was Kamalapur.  It is known that Bahadur Shah, the son of Feroze Shah, was fascinated by the beautiful Bhadravati, the daughter of Achyut Sen Raja.  He offers to marry her.  But when Raja Achyut Sen did not agree, Bahadur Shah attacked Kamalapur, kidnapped Bhadravati and took her to Nimgachhi.  King Achyut Sen attacked Bahadur Shah with his army.  There was a great battle in the Nimgachi desert.  Bahadur Shah's handful of soldiers were defeated in battle (1532-34 AD) by Senraj's large army.  King Achyut Sen won the battle and rescued Bhadravati.  To commemorate this victory and for the welfare of the hereafter, he dug a dighi near Nimgachhi called 'Jayasagar'.  The name of the lake is Jayasagar because of the victory of the war.  Although Jayasagar Dighi was built with 4 barrier ghats, there is no sign of this ghat at present.  The fort and cantonment of King Achyut Sen, a descendant of Ballal Sen, used to be on this lake, but now it is extinct.  Apart from Jayasagar Dighi, Raja Achyut Sen excavated Bhadra Dighi in the name of his general Pratap, Pratap Dighi, Uday Dighi in the name of his servant Uday and Kanya Bhadravati.
Sitakunda is a place where you will never have to go back in despair, here you will find mountains, sea, waterfalls, lakes all together, so you can choose any of your choice:  Suddenly I felt the need to turn around from somewhere, I had less time on hand, looking for where to go, I thought it would be better to go to Sitakunda, so that night we started our 1 day journey by night train: since last time Chandranath hill, Napittachari trail and Mahamaya lake  Gone so I planned this tiSuptadhara: The Chittagong Mail train leaves from Kamalapur railway station at around 10:30 pm.  From there we freshened up, had breakfast and left for Sitakunda Bazaar, our first destination being Sitakunda Ecopark.  I left Sitakunda Bazar with 100 rupees rent and went to Ecopark Gate. Entry fee of Ecopark is 30 rupees.  Once inside the ecopark, you can see a lot of CNG, from there you can go to Sahasradhara with a fare of Tk 250, but we did the opposite plan to visit the Ecopark without CNG, everyone usually goes to Sahasradhara first, then Suptadhara.  Instead we walked 1.1 km to the Suptadhara gate, the advantage of going here earlier is that you will find much less crowds of people.
 After a while, you will see short poems or some meaningful writing on a huge signboard on this road in Echo Park (if not too much problem, I would say walk without cng, you will see a lot even if it is a little difficult).
 About 424 stairs will have to go down to the mouth of the mountain stream flowing from the main Suptadhara. Where the stairs end, the hill Jhiripath starts from then, the sound of falling Suptadhara water will ring in the ears from a long distance, it will be very difficult to climb the stairs.Sahasradhara: Another 25-30 minutes walk from Suptadhara to the Sahasradhara Stairs.  The stairs there are about 550+, but not like the staircase of the suptadharara. You do not have to cross any jhiripath.  Comparatively much more accessible from the latent.  After bathing in the fountain for a long time, we went to Sitakunda Bazaar at around 1 o'clock, ate lunch there, rested for a while and left for Bashbaria at 3 o'clock.
  It takes about 30 minutes to go from Sitakunda Bazaar, it's a lot like Kuakata, Cox's Bazar.  The main attraction of Banshbaria beach is the bridge.  The bridge extends far beyond the sea.  It is submerged during high tide.  11-12 in the morning and 4-5 in the afternoon at high tide.  We couldn't get up at high tide.  From here you can see Sandeep from far away at no cost - you can also go around the sea for a while by trawler if you want.

 Then straight to Guliyakhali with CNG,

 # Guliyakhali Sea Beach: You can reach the beach by walking on the green carpet for ten minutes from CNG.  You may have seen many sea-beaches but never seen one.  What do we mean by sea-beach?  Sand on one side and water on the other.  But this beach is completely different.  Sea water after hitting the green grass by the sea.  Sea water on one side and Keora forest on the other side.  You will also see swan forests and mangrove forests.  It is not possible to understand this beauty without seeing it with your own eyes. Sit on the green carpet, enjoy the sunset and come to Sitakundu Bazaar again.