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I was impressed by the hospitality of the students of Hathazari Madrasa and the gentlemen of Charmonaipi:

 Yesterday I went to Hathazari to perform the janaza prayers of Allama Ahmad Shafi.  We left at twelve o'clock at night and reached our destination at seven o'clock in the morning.  The scorching heat and the presence of thousands of people made the environment even warmer.  After entering the mosque to rest, I went to sit under a fan. Someone came running and grabbed my hand.  Said- sir you are here!  When did you come  He took me by the hand and led me to one side of the mosque.

 I went and saw eight / ten scholars sitting in a circle and eating breakfast.  Almost all of them are former students of Hathazari and are currently involved in religious services.  He also forced me to have breakfast with them.

 After resting for a while, I went to the field to see the blessed face of the Lord.  Before leaving the mosque, a brother called him from behind and said, "Where are you going?"  I said I am going to see the lord.  He said- let's go.  He took it with him.  I went and saw thousands of people around the ambulance.  I sweated profusely in the heat of the sun.

 Suddenly Muhtaram Mao, Abul Kalam Azad Azhari Bhai called and said- Come to Ahmad Manzil.  After going there and resting for a while, the student brothers arranged for a bath.  Muri made breakfast with Chanachur.  At 12 o'clock he arranged food with chicken and fish.  I was really impressed to see their caress in such a delicate situation.  May Allah reward them well.

 Last 09 August '20 I went to Barisal.  In this connection, I did not miss the opportunity to visit Charmonai, Nesaria and Charchina Darbar in Jhalokati.  I went on a tour with the kids.

 Muhtaram Rezaul Karim and Muhtaram Faizul Karim Hafe of Charmonai gave me and my children a lot of time.  Mr. Amir said goodbye after talking for about twenty minutes.  Naib Amir sat together and had breakfast, bought separate biscuits for the children.  For more than half an hour he sat in a separate room and talked very sincerely.  He also requested to stay as a guest that night. I was surprised to see their hospitality.

 I understand, we have differences of opinion in two or four months but there is no difference of opinion.  Among them I have seen the period of Karima in the verse "Ruhamau Bainahum".
 I am praying to Allah, O Lord!  You lead all of us to Etehad with Ekhtelaf on the basis of Kalima.  Amen.
This is the picture of Debhata zamindar house. The evolution of time is destroying it.  Debhata is an upazila bordering India in Satkhira.  The small upazila consisting of 5 unions was full of innumerable patterns.  It is bounded by Asashuni Upazila on the east, Indo-Bangla Ichhamati border on the west, Satkhira Sadar on the north and Kaliganj Upazila on the south.  In the evolution of time, the traditional patterns here have been lost today.  It is known that Debhata was named after the long stay of innumerable gods and goddesses.  Due to the fact that Debhata is still standing as a witness of the times, besides the municipality was established in Debhata during the British rule, there were 16 zamindars living here.  Patterns of history and tradition have been lost in the evolution of time.  Sreepur village on the banks of the Ichhamati river, which determines the international boundary between Bangladesh and India.  Renowned physician of the subcontinent.  Bidhan Chandra Roy also had his ancestral home in this Ajparagaon Debhata Townsripur village of Satkhira.  Debhata Municipality was established in the village of Townshripur in Debhata about 150 years ago.  There were 16 zamindars living in this village.  But in the evolution of time everything is lost.
 The Ichhamati River, which flows through India-Bangladesh, enters the Debhata border from Kaliganj direction.  Towards.  During the British rule, people from this region used to come to Calcutta, India.  Hasnabad railway station in India on the other side of Ichhamati.  Due to which Calcutta was the second address of the people in this region during the British rule.  Debhata village of that time is now Upazila Sadar but the traditional town Sreepur Municipality is now an underdeveloped village.  Town Sreepur is a village on the banks of Ichhamati river, about 30 km from Satkhira city.  Dr.  Before the birth of Bidhan Chandra Roy, the British government declared Debhata a municipality in 18.  And the office of this municipality was in Sripur village of Debhata town.  At that time no municipality was established in the divisional city of Khulna.  Shankar Roy Chowdhury, the then Chief of the Indian Army, was also from this region.  Shankar Roy Chowdhury was born in 1997 in the village of Sreepur in Vita Town while serving as the Chief of Army Staff of India.  The government of Pakistan probably abolished Town Sreepur Municipality in 1950-1951.  Zamindar Anil Swarnakar had filed a case in the then Rawalpindi High Court against the decision of the Pakistan government.  But the municipality did not return to Debhata Town Sripur.  There are no historical monuments in Debhata, Town Sreepur and Sushilganti villages inhabited by 16 zamindars.  The few houses and vita houses of the zamindars in the pattern which are now in the possession of local influential people due to lack of preservation.  Some of the zamindars were oppressors, while others were humane.  Some zamindars have also left some contribution to the society.  In Debhata Town Sreepur there is a huge building of zamindars, a religious shrine and a theater room which no longer exists.  The semi-paved road of the British period is now a dirt road, the destination of which rises from Debhata towards the district town.  The only means of transportation for the people of the area at that time was the rural helicopter.  In the touch of modernity, the peace-loving people here have got paved roads, educational institutions in a beautiful environment, health care centers at their fingertips, and even a beautiful pattern like mangrove forest.  Which is giving a boost to tourism in this upazila.  Even after that, those ancient patterns will remain forever memorable to the people here.
Successful Entrepreneur Nuhat Faiya With Home Made Jewelry.

  Nuhat Faiya Abida.  At one point, extreme frustration overwhelmed him.  Maybe he thought ‘nothing will happen to him.  For various reasons, his disgust towards life came to an end.  But it is also possible to overcome the frustrations and difficult times of life.  Nuhahat Faiza is his example.  Nuhat Faiza, a post graduate from IBA, Dhaka University, is now a successful entrepreneur with homemade jewelery.

 The story of Nuhat Faiya, a girl from Chittagong, is like the story of a drama or a movie.  Born into a successful and loving family, his dreams seemed to fall apart after the HSC exams.  Some small mistakes made his life miserable for a while.  But Dad's successful endeavor.  The determination to turn around has made today's successful Nuhar Faiza a perfect human being.
 He has failed to graduate from a public university even after passing the exam twice with an MBA from IBA of Dhaka University.  While studying, Faiza decided to become an entrepreneur, not a job.  He created the academic foundation of the business by doing MBA as he never got a job from 8am to 5pm. The father wanted his daughter to be a lawyer.  After graduating in law to fulfill his father's dream of being a shadowy friend, he has now started practicing as a trainee lawyer.  Besides, he is teaching English at Mirza Ahmed Ispahani High School, a famous English medium school in Chittagong.  But above all, Nuhat Faiza is a successful entrepreneur in e-commerce.
 Nuhat Faiza said he joined e-commerce in 2016.  Her products are handmade wooden and metal jewelry.  Design yourself, create yourself.  Made with complete indigenous materials, own talent and artistry, Nuza Phizar jewelery is appreciated all over Dhaka and Chittagong.  This business has gained recognition, success and financial prosperity.  The name of the company is 'Faiya's Trendy Collection'.
 “The job never attracted me,” Faiza said.  After doing MBA from IBA, job offers have come from big corporate organizations including Grameen Phone.  Different banks also want to work with them.  But I had no inclination towards conventional corporate jobs.  I wanted to do something independent.  So I chose my hobby.  With love.  I make jewelry with my own creativity.  I find contentment when others decorate themselves after these jewels.  Once I wanted to die of despair, this business success taught me to live anew.
 “The people behind my survival, my inspiration, my success are my father, my family,” said Nuhat Faiza.  If it weren't for Dad, I wouldn't have turned around.  As a girl, my father never took extra care of me.  One day he said your fight ‘you have to do it yourself.  I will not stay for the rest of my life. This one word of my father has given me the courage to turn around.  I worked hard day and night to succeed, I stumbled, I stumbled, I learned.  I have strengthened myself.  I wanted to be a perfect man, not a successful woman.  As far as today is concerned.  In addition to his own hard work, he has always acted as a source of inspiration for his parents.
 Nujahat Faiza's father Abu Yusuf Shamim is a retired officer of Bangladesh Railway and his mother Sajeda Khatun is a housewife.  The only younger brother Abu Naeem is serving in the Bangladesh Air Force.
 Nuhat Faiza told about his dream.  We all need to learn from every mistake and every failure.  Only then can we move forward on the path to success.  There is never a break in despair.  I want to work harder in the coming days to learn from the mistakes of the past.  Nujahat Pfizer dreams of going a long way by investing his talent and creativity in domestic products.
 Nuyahat Faiza's Homemade Jewelry Page - Faiza's Trendy Collection.
Napittachara Trail .
 Everyone has already heard about the Napitta Chora Trail of Mirsarai in Chittagong.  If you want to go to Napittachara, you have to go to Naduar Bazar / Hat (Naduiyar / Nayduari Bazar / Hat) of Mirsarai.  There are actually three fountains here.  The three springs are Kupikatakum, Mithachari and Bandarkum or Bandarichhara.  And the path to the waterfalls is called Napittachara Trail.

 Start the journey from Noyduari Bazaar.  If you want, you can take a guide from the village, it will cost 400-500 rupees for 4-5 hours.  Then start walking along Jhiripath in the hilly forest.  The fountain is not far from 3.  After 30/40 minutes you will get the first fountain Kupikatakum.  A very beautiful fountain.  The amount of water in the fountain is also good.  The water part in front of the fountain is a bit deep.  So if you want to go in front of the fountain, you have to go swimming.  The fountain water is quite cold.

 Kupikatakum fountain
 After staying in Kupikatakum for a while, start your journey for the 2nd waterfall Mithachari.  When going to Mithachari waterfall, one has to climb up a steep slope of a small hill.  At this time you have to be a little careful.  Anyway, the fountain is quite close.  You will reach Mithachari Jharna in 20 minutes.  The height of the fountain is quite.  When half of the water falls from the top, after splitting in half, the water falls in two directions.  This fountain looks very beautiful during the rainy season.

 Sweet springs
 After staying here for a while, start your journey for the purpose of 3rd Jharna Bandarkum or Bandarichhara.  After walking along Jhiri Path for about 40/45 minutes you will get to the waterfall.  This fountain is also quite beautiful.  This fountain is the highest of the 3 fountains.  The way to the waterfall is very beautiful.  There is no such risk anywhere.  Therefore, the best time to come in the rainy season, then you can enjoy the maximum beauty of the fountain.

 Bandarkum waterfall
 How to go
 You have to go to Mirsarai's Noyduari Bazaar in Chittagong.  If you go to Chittagong by bus, you can easily go down to Mirsarai's Noyduari Bazaar during the journey.  If the bus driver does not know Nayduari, you can go to Mirsarai Bazaar and go to Naduar Hat by CNG.  Local CNG will cost 10 rupees per person.  But if you get off at Chittagong by train, you will have to take a bus back to Mirsarai in about an hour and a half.

 Choice bus goes to Mirsarai from Alangkar junction of Chittagong city.  Rent per person is 60 rupees.

 Or get on the Feni bus and get off at Feni and from there take the local bus to Mirsarai's Naiduari.  A 40-minute walk from Noyduari Bazaar.

 You can take local people as a guide.  You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.
This is a picture of Kamrup Kamaksha temple in Kamrup district of Assam.  It takes 15 minutes to reach the temple from Kamrup railway station.  Such peaks can be seen in many temples in central Assam.  It is surrounded by the Bengali Charchala architecture.  There is a type of architecture called Antaral, which is similar to Atchala architecture.
 The present temple building was built during the reign of the Ahom kings. [The ancient Koch architecture has been carefully preserved.  When the temple was destroyed in the middle of the second millennium AD, Koch Raja rebuilt the temple in 1585 according to the architectural style of the medieval temple at Chilra.  The beehive-shaped pinnacle now visible is one of the most striking features of temple architecture in Lower Assam. Statues of Ganesha and other Hindu deities are carved outside the temple.  The temple has three main rooms.  The west room is large and rectangular.  Ordinary pilgrims do not use it for worship.  The middle room is square.  There is a small statue of the goddess here.  This statue was later placed here.  There are inscriptions of Naranarayana, other deities and related inscriptions on the wall of this room.  The middle room leads to the main sanctuary.  It is cave-shaped.  There are no statues here.  There is only the vaginal-shaped stone and the underground spring.  Every summer, during the Ambubachi Mela, the menstruation of the goddess Kamakhya is celebrated.  During this time the spring water in the main uterus turns red under the influence of iron oxide.  As a result, it looks like menstruation.
I have seen the face of Bengal, so I do not go in search of the form of the world.  Such a beautiful and beautiful beauty of Bengal is an opportunity to visualize the beautiful 'Sundarbans'.  According to many, the naming of the Sundarbans is due to the abundance of beautiful trees, but there is no hesitation in acknowledging the fact that the naming is hidden in its beauty.
 In the wake of that beauty, from 14th to 16th January, 2020, I was able to travel to the Sundarbans for three days with a complete family initiative.  On 14th January, 2020 at 10 am I left Basirhat with my family (35 people including driver) in a reserved bus for the destination.  After a long journey of 5 hours, we finally reached Jharkhali at 3 pm.  Arrangements have been made to stay at the pre-booked resort 'Ekant Apan'.  We had cooking and drinking water and all arrangements for food so there was no problem with eating.  Having a large lawn at the resort allows me to spend time with family and rejoice.  On the 1st day, the resort was cut off by a commotion.  On the morning of the 2nd day we all went out for a walk together.  The melodious chirping of the birds and the lively rhythm of the clear air make the mind drunk.  Then after returning to the resort after breakfast we set off again to enjoy some side views of Jharkhali.  In three motor vans (the only local vehicle) the family first went to a local jetty on the Vidyadhari river.  Later we reached the 'Jharkhali Tiger Rescue' center.  There, two tigers rescued from the Sundarbans by the forest department are carefully preserved in an iron fence.  Everyone is overwhelmed when they see them.  For a moment it seemed as if all the restraints had been broken and I ran to them, caressing them - you are the king of the Sundarbans, I bow to you, but in their monstrous and terrifying roar all desires were falling from my head in one fell swoop.  However, there is a preserved crocodile with the tiger.  Besides, the colorful butterflies and the natural environment of the butterfly garden attract everyone's attention.  From there we return to the resort and enjoy a variety of sports in the afternoon and dancing at night.  Since it was our complete family trip and Family Get Together, we spent the first two days at the resort and launched the third day and entered the ‘Core’ area of ​​the Sundarbans for the convenience of everyone without having to travel by launch.  The only purpose is to visualize the world-famous Royal Bengal Tiger in a natural open environment.  But our luck did not help and we did not meet the Maharaja from the launch all day.  However, I saw several crocodiles lying dead on the river bank in the winter sun.  There is no proverb in Bengal that says 'crocodile on the shore of water' - it is always true in the case of the Sundarbans.  Apart from crocodiles, we have seen deer and wild boar in the forest.  Besides, I have found a lot of falcons and other birds here and there.  The beauty of the village, the beauty of the village, the garana, the hetal trees and the unique beauty of the unadulterated and diverse natural environment is extremely enjoyable which is indescribable.  The combination of wide rivers on the one hand and the terrifyingly beautiful natural environment on the other is like a framed canvas of an artist which is enough to fascinate a nature lover like me.  At one point in the river, I noticed a red cloth aimed like a flag.  Asking the launch guide, I found out that a few days ago, a man who had been making a living from that place was taken away by a tiger.  The mind became very heavy due to the sadness of the incident.  In this way, the local people have to fight with the hostile environment and cannibals every day to earn a living.
 Meanwhile, after eating at lunch all day and enjoying the boundless beauty of nature with everyone, we finally returned to the resort.  From there I left at 5 pm for home.
  In conclusion:
 "I will always have fond memories of such a journey,
  When it takes a swing in the heart of memory in a moment. "
The picture has been taken from Purulia Ayodhya Pahar.  The biggest panic is the terror of this virus.  There is no peace in the house.  So many months from inside the house, the mind and body are full of weight!  Once or twice I went out with the bike.  But Corona's panic and the bamboo (read stick) in the hands of the policemen did not dare to go far!  Finally, on September 12, the situation seemed to be a little normal, the bike seemed a little short.  I am the son of Purulia from beginning to end!  The empty field, the desert, just outside the house;  Green spread as far as the two eyes can go!  I don't think there is any better medicine than to make the mind better.  The crowd danced with joy as they crossed the city and reached the banks of the Kansai River.  Blue sky above, as if someone has spread a lot of white cotton!  They are running around with joy in their minds.  As I looked down, I saw a group of coughs on the horizon in the sand of Kansai.  It's falling on his shoulder once, so he's on his shoulder once!  I realized that the joy of liberation is not only mine today!  I crossed the bronze and turned right at the Tamna turn.  Of all the roads in Purulia, this one is my favorite.  This road, which is crouched like a python rising straight to Ayodhya, calls out with its hands clasped, forgetting all backwardness and moving forward freely.  This road makes me feel uncomfortable with the touch of my hand like an eighteenth lover.  Adolescence is like a young man who wants to be swept away by the tide of unrequited love without any hindrance.  The accelerator of the bike keeps turning on its own, the fork of the meter goes through sixty, seventy, eighty houses and goes to the door of the bed and starts knocking.  Fighting against the reckless wind coming from the front, I laughed, crossed Sirkabad and faced Ayodhya.  Sitting quietly like an arrogant housewife, the more I move towards Ayodhya, the more I feel hesitant.  Not seen for a long time, not taken news for a long time.  I do not know how my darling!  For a long time, I felt that the smile that had appeared on my face suddenly seemed to disappear!  Instead, the crowd came to the corner of the mind a piece of grief!  When I approached and stood, it seemed as if the unspoken words had been frozen in the chest of Ayodhya for a long time!  I thought I have a lot to say!  I went to a desert and sat down.  The game of standard arrogance lasted for a while!  Then who is that again!  I looked around and saw that she had become more beautiful in the last few months, and that her youth had become more beautiful than before!  I lay on my chest in Ayodhya for a while and took a deep breath, then went out for my favorite places.  Touch of joy again cut the bad!  First we went to Bamni Falls, then Marble Lake, then Upper Dam, Lower Dam.  I saw everywhere, everyone is the same as before.  However, I could not get over the upset completely.  Rather, I took the way back home with a heavy mind!  In other years I go this time, there are people around, it seems Pujo has come.  Pujo means holiday, forgetting all the setbacks and rejoicing for a few days.  But this time how calm!  There is no crowd of people, no joy, no one has a good mind.  There are a few shops in Marble Lake or Bamni Falls at this time.  Lentils, water bottles, chips, lozenges.  He has nothing more.  However, since people come all day to sell, the cost goes up a lot.  From August to September to March to April, they stay in these places regularly, sell sales, help tourists if they need any help.  But this time they are not.  Maybe when people start coming, they will sit in their own place.  There is no opportunity for such work in Ayodhya or Baghmundi, so most of the youth try to run their own business by working in small shops, hotels or guides.  But as tourism is not normal yet, their life is also stuck.  The small hotel restaurants are counting down the days to closing forever.  If they continue like this for some time, their future is really uncertain.  I have been feeling bad since I came back that day.  Today is the beginning of Mahalaya, Devi Paksha.  When mother came, she came to do everything well.  So I wrote down what was going on.  All the hotel lodges are opening from October 1.  People have also started coming in small numbers.  However, from October, it is expected that everything will continue as usual.  I will tell those who are suffering from this dilemma whether to go out or not to go out with a calm mind.  And sitting at home is not possible in any way. And everything we do is directly or indirectly related to each other.  So we have to look around a little this time.  Be careful, make sure.  Nothing can touch you.  But wherever you go, keep your distance from people for the time being.  Masks, sanitizers don't seem to be leaving our lives right now.  So keep them together.  Keep both body and mind healthy and strong.  And if you want, go out on Pujo holiday.  Not to mention Purulia, the situation is the same in other places.  Everyone involved in tourism is waiting for people like me.  So if the mind wants to go, then go out with safety measurement wherever you want.  It is dangerous when the corona reaches the body, but once it reaches the inside of the brain, it is terrible.  So stay in good spirits, don't let fatigue come.  Talk to the people around you, live life to the fullest.  Purulia welcomes all those who come in or after the pujo.  Feel free to let me know if you need any help.  Another day I will go towards Garhpanchkot Baranti.  I will come and write about how those places are now.  That's all for today.
 Everyone stay healthy, stay well.  Pujo cuts very well.  Best wishes and congratulations in advance to Mahalaya and Shardiya.  Taken from the wall of a brother in Purulia.  I could not read or share the article.
The king of ghosts gave a bridegroom, barley barley three grooms.  This ghost king of Ray is very famous.  When we were watching this movie as a child, we thought to ourselves if we could go to such a country.  Oma !!  One day I saw my dream on the Facebook wall.  Going around is an addiction for me, especially offbeat location 7  So the travel groups sometimes search in search of a new place.  And from here I found my good ghost country.  This is a new addition to the EasyPhiso Backpackers camp.  So I made a booking from the website.  We were in the tent, that I am a little adventurous again so it is very exciting for me to stay in this tent.  I arrived at 11 o'clock in the morning in the land of my childhood dreams, the land of good ghosts  What a beautiful array of colorful tents, swings, cottages, bash loft and a cute dog name Bhulu.  And as soon as I entered the camp, the one I saw was Dilbar, the king of ghosts. We ate lemonade and drank a little.  We agreed on one thing, we went out for the forest.  Ichhamati river, Mr. Neel's factory stands as a witness of history.  Then I took a little boat ride on the river to Bihar, as if to go for a walk in the jungles of the Amazon.  Then I came back and ate rice, pulses, fried vegetables, fish and salad with banana leaves. Now it is my turn to rest.  As soon as I got up, I started eating, so what else is a food-loving person !!!  As the afternoon light dimmed, it became dark all around, just as the campfire was about to burst into flames, along with the bambuchiken (Rs. 450 per kg).  Aha !!  What a taste.  Still stuck in the face.  With that, the story of the horrible ghost became quite frozen. Suddenly Raju Da said let's go around Neel Saheb's factory. Everyone was scared then but I said let's go with courage.  I came and stood in front of the blue factory, at night the place seemed to be different.  It seems that Nilkuthi has come alive, it wants to tell its history.  As Rajuda told the story, we also stepped inside the indigo factory.  I climbed up, the back was dense forest.  How the peasants were tortured here and their bodies were thrown into the river through the tunnel of this factory.  Listening to the stories, it was as if we were getting lost in the past. Then we left Nilkuthi and proceeded to the banks of Ichhamati river.  Ichhamati is very beautiful at night.  And this time I saw the fair of fireflies.  In the pitch dark, twinkling like stars around.  Then we came back to the camp.  The rice tasted good with chicken broth at night.  Then hang out again, hang out at night.  The next day it was time to wake up as usual.  In the morning, after eating tea, luchi, vegetables, boiled eggs, I left.  However, not to mention that there was a system of proper sanitation in the camp, you can go without worries.  When I came, I came to the ghost king asking for three grooms. I can go to many places like this, let's cut this quad situation very soon and eat a lot and not get fat.