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'First' lynxes born in UK zoo to be named in Facebook poll
PM: Europe 'clearly' facing second wave threat – and UK will act
Woman yells 'I can't breathe' as officer arrests her during protests
Kate Garraway reveals 'massive' power cut nearly took GMB off air
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The UK's "true" coronavirus death toll has passed 56,400, the latest Office for National Statistics figures reveal.

So far 56,409 deaths have been registered across the country where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate, including suspected cases.

The figures come amid an ongoing row over Britain's travel quarantine measures, with reports the self-isolation period will be cut down from 14 days to 10.

The Government continues to opinion over its "swift" decision to remove Spain from its list of safe destinations to visit. Meanwhile, Downing Street has added a further five countries to the so-called "travel corridor" group.

In other developments, Boris Johnson has announced plans to make bikes available on the NHS as part of the Government’s anti-obesity drive, and the world’s biggest Covid-19 vaccine trial has begun in the US, with some 30,000 volunteers taking part.

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20 minutes ago
Duchess of Cornwall wears a mask in public for the first time

Duchess of Cornwall wears a face mask for the first time in public
Camilla wore a face mask for the first time in public today as she visited London’s National Gallery to mark it becoming the first major national art museum to open after lockdown.
20 minutes ago
PM: European coronavirus 'second wave' could mean further quarantine restrictions
Boris Johnson has indicated that quarantine restrictions could be imposed on further European countries if a “second wave” of coronavirus hits the continent.
The Prime Minister already faces a diplomatic row with Spain after warning against all but essential travel to the country – and its resort islands – and insisting that travellers arriving in the UK from there spend a fortnight in quarantine due to an increase in cases.
But he defended the move and insisted the Government would not hesitate to act if flare-ups of coronavirus occurred in other destinations.
“I’m afraid you are starting to see in some places the signs of a second wave of the pandemic,” the Prime Minister warned.
41 minutes ago
Which areas of England have enjoyed the lowest coronavirus rates?
West Devon and Scarborough among areas with longest spells of no Covid-19 cases
Leicester and Blackburn have both experienced recent spikes in the rate of new cases of coronavirus – but a handful of local authorities have gone for several weeks without a single confirmed case of Covid-19, according to the latest figures.

The area to have had the longest spell without a new case is West Devon, where the most recent case was recorded on June 26.

The Isle of Wight has not recorded any new cases since July 2, while in Scarborough no cases have been recorded since July 3.

The figures are published by Public Health England and cover positive cases that have been confirmed up to and including July 24 by tests carried out in laboratories (pillar one of the Government’s testing programme) and in the wider community (pillar two).

They also show no recorded cases in Ryedale in North Yorkshire since July 5 and in Torridge in Devon since July 9.


50 minutes ago
Education update:
Watchdog warns over nurseries charging parents ‘unfair’ fees

Some nurseries and childcare providers appear to have treated parents “unfairly” by demanding full fees despite closures during the pandemic, the competition watchdog has said.

Parents were pressured to make payments after providers said their child’s place would be lost or they would go out of business, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) found.

Other early years providers relied on “unfair cancellation terms”, or large cancellation fees from parents, despite most children having to remain at home amid lockdown.

But the CMA has decided not to take enforcement action against providers at this stage, adding that the sector has encountered “financial pressures”.

The decision comes after the regulator launched an investigation in April into nurseries and childcare providers following reports alleging unfair practices over payments and cancellations.

Nurseries closed their doors in March due to the Covid-19 outbreak, remaining open only for vulnerable youngsters and the children of key workers.

But some parents were asked to pay some or all of their monthly fees, which can amount to hundreds of pounds, to retain their child’s place.

52 minutes ago
Sports update:
Real Madrid striker tests positive for Covid-19

(Photo credit: AFP)
Real Madrid forward Mariano has tested positive for coronavirus and will miss the Champions League clash against Manchester City as he quarantines.

The 26-year-old Dominican Republic forward gave the positive result as players and staff returned to the training ground following a few days off after securing the league title.

A club statement said: “After the Covid-19 tests carried out individually on our first football team yesterday by the Real Madrid medical services, our player Mariano has given a positive result.
we can see a photo For some time now, there has been a lot of talk around the world about turning Turkey's nanny Sofia back into a mosque.  Now whether it is right to turn it into a mosque or not, I will not go into this post like that.  That is another calculation.  I will only show some past and present political and historical realities centered on Aya Sophia in this post. The history of Aya Sophia is very old.  I am starting from the very beginning.  Before the advent of Christianity in Europe, Europeans were immersed in paganism.  It is thought to have been a pagan shrine in the ancient city of Byzantium (now Istanbul).  After the Romans conquered Byzantium, they named it Constantinople.  Aya Sophia was built in 360 on the site of that pagan temple, then called Megale Ekklesia Church.  Twice the fire and once the riot, the wooden structure was completely destroyed.  As a result, the Byzantine emperor Justinian I built the concrete structure of the present structure in 537, naming it Aya Sophia.  It became the largest church in Christendom and later the center of Orthodox Christianity.
In the Middle Ages, Christians were mainly divided into two groups.  Catholic Christianity (in Western Europe) and Orthodox Christianity (in Eastern Europe) (the Protestant Church has not yet been born).  The conflict between these two ideologies was in no way less than the Muslim-Christian conflict.  There was widespread animosity and hatred between the two sides.  As a result, in 1204, during the Fourth Crusade, the Catholic Crusaders captured Constantinople, turned Aya Sophia into a Catholic church, and looted the entire city, including the church.  Later, in 1261, the Byzantines conquered Constantinople again and brought Sophia back to the Orthodox Church.  In 1453, Ottoman Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih conquered Constantinople by fulfilling the prophecy of the Prophet (peace be upon him) 800 years earlier.  At that time he turned Aya Sophia into a mosque.  Four and a half centuries later, in 1935, Kamal Ataturk turned it into a museum  Then 65 years passed.  A few days ago, a Turkish court ordered it to be converted back into a mosque.  This is the main history of Aya Sophia in brief. Now let's come to the main discussion. First of all, let's see what Aya Sophia was like as a church.  Aya Sophia but the rest of the 8-10 was not like the church.  It was the center of Orthodox Christianity and the Byzantine Empire.  If you think of it as a religious shrine in a secular state in the 21st century, you will miss the point.  You have to understand that it is the headquarters of a large Christian empire in the fourth-thirteenth century.  Compared to present day Bangladesh, the value of Aya Sophia will be Ganobhaban, Bangabhaban, Parliament level.  It can be called the most important building of the state.  The new Byzantine emperor himself held a sword here (like being sworn in as head of state in an era).  This church was the center of any discussion and decision of the empire.  Besides, there was indirect rule of religious leaders in Europe at that time.  Their respect, influence, and prestige in the kingdom was no less than that of the king, in some cases more (this excessive rule of the Christian clergy over the people is known in history as medieval barbarism).  And the center of those religious leaders (Orthodox) is this nanny Sophia.  Understand what level of church Aya Sophia was.  Therefore, after the conquest of the Ottomans, it became inevitable that the Sultan would first change or destroy Aya Sophia.  Because keeping Aya Sophia in the church means keeping the enemy of the Sultan and the Empire at the tip of the Sultan's nose.  Simply think, if any enemy country occupies Bangladesh tomorrow, Parliament, Padma Bridge, Secretariat will be attacked from the beginning.  Because in a secular state, such institutions / buildings leave a deep mark on the minds of the people of the country, always inspiring.  Such a Statue of Liberty is a symbol of the national unity and sovereignty of the United States.  As long as these survive, the United States will remain united.  Hoover Dam is seen as much more important in the story of the rise of the United States.  This is exactly what Aya Sophia meant to the Byzantines.  Why would the Sultan keep the heart of the Byzantines alive?  The Sultan, meanwhile, has not only conquered Istanbul from the Byzantines.  Instead, he conquered the Byzantine Empire and took the title of Caesar.  Although the Ottomans were religiously the successors of the Islamic Empire, politically they were both Islamic and Byzantine successors.  (The Sultan's mother was an Orthodox Christian before converting to Islam).  In that case Sultan Aya Sophia was not an Ottoman Sultan in making the decision.  Was the Byzantine successor Kaiser.  In addition, Aya Sophia's land was always in her possession and ruled the place.  First the pagans, then the Orthodox Christians, then the Catholic Christians, then the Orthodox, then the Ottomans, then the secular government (museum) of Atark, the current right-wing Islamic government;  Each time Aya Sophia used exactly those who were in power in the city.  This is the reality of Aya Sophia.
 Let's come to a slightly different context.  Madkhali in the Middle East is also seen as opposed to the conversion of Aya Sophia Mosque.  But why?  If you look, you will see that all the famous mosques in Turkey are built on the structure of Aya Sophia.  The design of Aya Sophia, a role model for Ottoman and modern Turkish architecture (this design is a mixture of Byzantine and Ottoman architecture.  This nanny, Sophia, is a great source of inspiration for present-day Turkey, as well as the Byzantines (a survey found that 70% of Turkish nannies consider Sophia a symbol of Turkish sovereignty).  The rise of Aya Sophia means the rise of Turkish Islam.  Now the rise of Turkish Islam is a massive threat to the Middle East.  Because they are still scared, having nightmares in the history of Turkish rule during the Ottoman Empire.  The rise of Turkey means the crisis of many Middle Eastern states and royal families.  Whose demo is seen in Syria, Libya.  That is why Madkhalis are so scared.  Now you can say what a Turkey can do?  Bro, the Turks once ruled the Muslim world, the superpower was in the Mediterranean Basin.  You can know what the Turks are by reading the history of the last 1000 years.  They have been at the forefront of the Muslim world since the eleventh century.  They were the first to resist the Crusades.  The Turks once ruled from Egypt to Central Asia.  Although the Turks were stunned by the fall of the Ottomans, they are waking up again.  Twenty-first century Turkey is quite powerful.  Their main strength is their mindblowing diplomacy.  Turkey is the most powerful member of NATO after America.  The Middle Eastern dynasties are under psychological pressure, reminiscing about Turkey's past.  Because in this Aya Sophia issue, all the countries of the world, including the superpower America and Russia, were / are directly against Turkey.  If we can survive on this issue, we will be alone in diplomacy.  The thought that no one will need it will surely cross Turkey's mind.  Which is a kind of threat to many neighboring countries. Many people are writing on Facebook in public, this verdict is Erdogan's strategy to get votes.  Yes, that's right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings.  But the thing is that no government in any country of the world has done the work for voting?  Everyone has done it in all ages.  But where is the fault of Erdogan?  Or Islamic political parties can not do politics?  There is no such rule.  Did you just look at Turkey's internal vote, but do you have the calculations that Erdogan became a villain in the whole Western world and fell on the hit list of the West?  These international pressures are far more serious than domestic pressures.  It’s something you don’t understand from a third world country.  One prostration in Aya Sophia will explode like an ideological bomb in the Christian world.  But Erdogan will have to deal with that.  The court has given a verdict on him.  A few years ago, 8 out of 11 judges in the court ruled against him for lifting the ban on hijab.  And when it was more than 6 o'clock, Erdogan would eat ban in all kinds of politics.  But Erdogan is still in power.  In a country with such a judiciary (8 out of 11 judges go in favor of banning the head of state) it is ridiculous to impose the responsibility of court verdict on the head of government.  In fact, Aya Sophia claims to have a mosque today.  This demand has been going on since before the nineties.  Former Prime Minister Prof.  Nazimuddin Erbakan's Sadat Party used to offer prayers in front of Aya Sophia with a team.  People who don't know them are posting on Facebook.  The Turks never gave up the idea of ​​praying in Aya Sophia.  Whose fullness has now come.  In fact, it has long been a demand of the Turkish people. There are many anti-Turkish writings on Facebook.  If their claim is that Turkey cares so much about Islam, then why are they a secular state?  Well at the moment no Muslim majority country in the world is secular?  Isn't it the fault of the Turks?  Again, many say that if Erdogan is so good, why is he not introducing Sharia in Turkey?  Why does Turkey have an economic alliance with Israel?  Why is it in NATO?  Blah blah blah.  The questions indicate the lack of knowledge of the questioner's history.  In the 50 years since World War I, Turkish Kemalist dictators have made laws that are difficult to change from one day to the next.  One or two generations could not accept Islam due to government repression.  What stopped after that?  Professor.  Nazimuddin Erbakan was ousted due to his Islamic activities.  Erdogan was banned from all forms of politics for life, only for reciting an Islamic poem at a political rally (later a lot of wood was burned and changed).  Once again, the ban on the hijab was lifted and he escaped the ban for a while in the court by a margin of just one vote.  So those who think that one day Turkey will become the Ottoman Empire, please stop thinking about Turkish politics.  It will not work with you.  He came to know the history of Turkey first, then he will come to talk about Turkish politics.  It is hypocrisy to blame the work done by the Kamalists and the system on the Islamists and the right wing of the Islamic sect.  The West can catch the potential of the Turks, but you can't.  Remember, Turkey is not a country to be changed overnight. As a Muslim, Aya Sophia is not a mosque of the Mecca-Medina-Al-Aqsa level.  Ordinary (compared to the previous 3) is just a mosque.  So Aya Sophia has no time to think about everything in Islam.  Don't get excited about this issue.  Just wait and see, what happens in the future.  Let Turkey handle the Aya Sophia issue.  Even if you don't talk about Aya Sophia.  The Al-Aqsa Mosque in Palestine is much more important than Aya Sophia.  Rather think about it.
Yesterday, July 14, was the birthday of one of our dearest people!  My dear man is none other than my dear Mr. Rezwanul Islam Riju.  Organizational Secretary, Kushtia District Committee, Dhaka.
 Happy Birthday! More than 1100 trees were planted in his own union on the occasion of his birth anniversary.  Kushtia Kumarkhali Upazila 9th Chandpur Union Tree Planting Program - 2020 celebrated.
 They have a Facebook group called "We are the 9th Chandpur Union".  Its membership is around 2000.  This group has created a common platform for the people of the area. Here various news and development activities of the area are discussed. And in its continuation, this time the Union-wide tree planting program - 2020 was adopted.
 The program was started in 13 villages of the union at 8:30 am yesterday.  It is attended by more than 100 students studying in universities.  Various fruit, forest and medicinal plants were planted in schools, mosques, madrasas, graveyards, Eidgah Maidan and along roadsides in every village of the union.  The group provided 75 saplings per village.  Gunijans of the area were present and inaugurated the program.
 Mr. Md. Rezwanul Islam Riju, Organizing Secretary, Kushtia District Association, Dhaka and Managing Director Lubna Pvt. Ltd. are among those who have given overall patronage behind this great work.
 Momtazul Islam Rony, Principal Officer, ICB and Member Kushtia District Committee - Dhaka.
 Sohanuzzaman Mashum (Singapore expatriate)
 Group Admin Mr. Prince Rana, Accounts and Finance Manager, Akij Group and Member Kushtia District Association, Dhaka.
 Mr. Sabbir Hossain Sajal, Senior Officer, Exim Bank Ltd., Head Office, Gulshan Dhaka and Member Kushtia District Association, Dhaka enlivened the program with overall responsibility.
BT was taken from Guadhana village of Satkhira.  We have probably forgotten that childhood means mischief. Childhood means memory and dream-awakening. Our generation is moving away from the mischief of that childhood and the embrace of nature while spending it in the joy of creation.  So childhood is being lost from the memory of the new generation.  Our children are growing up in a cheap competitive conscienceless environment.  Behind the flat culture of bricks and concrete, the children are growing up, but they are not getting the light of the golden sun, the shadow of the colorful clouds, the flashing of the rainbow light or the gust of pure wind!  All the captivity for him inside the four walls!  Television, computer, internet, Facebook, video games and mobile games have become a burden on the minds of children.  Children's dreams are being swallowed up by some of the events of Star Jalsa to fool Dreamon, Pokemon and children.  Now many parents complain about Dreamon, Pokemon.  Complaints about the programs of Indian channels.  Children are now learning to speak Hindi fluently, which is making parents go crazy.  They themselves do not know what these languages ​​mean.  The child who has not learned to speak Bengali properly is clearly speaking the foreign language Hindi!  Our tonic is not moving yet !!  But Indian parents have made demands against the TV show regulator.  According to a survey by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry, 73 per cent of Indian parents want a regulatory body to curb rampant sexual and violent TV shows.  The results of the survey show that 10 percent of children are responsible for the violent behavior of TV shows.  According to the survey, 6 percent of parents believe that children between the ages of four and eight do not respect their parents because of television programs.  This is the situation in India.  India's aggressive influence is now beginning to fall on our country as well.
In 2003, the stork virus attacked about 26 countries.  The mortality rate was 10%.
 In 2009, 56 million people were infected with swine flu.  Mortality 4.5%
 In 2014, the death rate from Ebola was 25%.  11,310 people died.
 And in 2020, the coronavirus mortality rate is only 2%.  So far 3052 people have died.

 This is when the event.  Then why did the Corona virus spread so much panic all over the world?  Why the airports of Italy, China, Hong Kong became completely deserted.  The grocery market, the wholesale store, became absolutely out of stock.  Why the nearly three trillion dollar stock market crashed overnight.  Why the massive collapse of the world economy?

 The reason is that the whole nature of news consumption has changed very fast all over the world.

 In 2003, there was no Facebook or WhatsApp.  When the stork virus infected 28 countries.
 At the time of the 2009 swine flu, there were only 150 million Facebook users worldwide.
 In 2014, there were only 250 million WhatsApp users during Ebola.
 And in 2020, apart from other media, only Facebook and WhatsApp are using lakhs, crores, not millions.  About four billion people.

 This power of social media is vast.  The news is spreading every second.  The bad news comes before the horse.  News of the death of a human being in a virus is now reaching billions of people.  So people will be terrified.  There is nothing left to say now.  The accident in Wuhan, China, seems to be happening in the bedroom next to yours.  Media power has terrorized people around the world and brought down the global economy.

 According to the World Health Organization, be careful.  Don't panic.
 0.02% chance of death if you are under 50
 The probability of dying above 50 is 1.5% even if there is shortness of breath.  98% of those who die are over 60 years of age.

 And we take in the air of the most polluted city in the world every second, ingest food containing formalin three times a day, live in the godown of the bacterial virus - we have made our immune system as hard as steel by constantly accompanying the mosquito infestation.  If you want to compete with us, you have to wear the corona virus.  So there is nothing to panic about.
Hazari grain paddy in a shell invented at Betaga in Fakirhat Upazila has started showing new dreams to the coastal farmers.  Under the overall supervision of Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Pradeep Mandal, the fate of the farmers of Chukuli village has changed with the production of 3 special paddy stalks with a production capacity of 11 tons per hectare obtained three years ago.  Due to the high yield of this salt tolerant paddy in the land along the Pashur river, there has been a response among the coastal farmers.

 During the on-the-spot search, Fatema Begum said that in the 2015-16 season, three rhymes were found in a bunch of paddy fields.  When the matter was brought to the notice of Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Pradeep Mandal, he suggested preservation of rhyme three.  The following season, on the advice of the Department of Agriculture, the farmer's son, Lebuat, planted rice seedlings and collected 2.5 kg of seed paddy.  By sowing seeds in one hundred acres of land, rice seedlings are planted in about 50 acres of land in the 2016-17 season.  It is cultivated like ordinary native rice.  The total cost to cultivate 50 percent of the land is 12 thousand rupees.  The seeds are being sold after cutting the paddy.

 Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Pradeep Mandal said the length of each paddy plant produced on Fatema Begum's land is 115-130 cm, the number of tillers (pots) is eight on average, the length of paddy stalk is 36 cm / 14 inches, number of grains is 9/11 hundred, leaf length  8 cm wide, 1.5 inches wide, stems almost like sugarcane, yielding an average of 11 tons per hectare.  It is thought to be a salt tolerant variety as the salt water of the cattle stream flows through the area.  This is a blessing for the coastal district of Fakirhat.

 Lebuat, a farmer's son, said local farmers, led by a standing committee on agriculture under the direction of local UP chairman Swapan Das, have become more aware of farming.  As a result, success has taken hold of our destiny.  Paddy harvesting has started.  Farmers from different places are collecting seeds at the rate of Tk 400 after seeing the yield of the new paddy.  In the meantime, one-third of the paddy has been cut and seed paddy worth around Tk 3 lakh has been sold.  He thinks that seed paddy worth another six lakh rupees will be sold.

 Milton Biswas of Raghunathpur in Dumuria Upazila, Ujwal Mandal, Ajay Barai, Rasul of Rampal, Maya Bibi, Kamrul of Mongla Haldi Buniar, Ashiq Janan, we came to see the news of this rice through various means including Facebook.  We are shocked to see double yield of paddy and each tree.  So we are collecting seeds.

 Bangladesh Rice Research Institute Director (Research) said.  Tamal Lata Aditya said, I have never seen this big rice rhyme anywhere before.  If this variety of rice can be spread everywhere through research, then there will be an unprecedented invention in the world in rice production.
Recently, many pictures are going viral through social media where it is seen that the ruling party leaders, MPs, ministers are cutting paddy with their teams.  Due to the lockdown imposed by the coronavirus epidemic, rice harvesters are not available, so the farmers are being helped in this way, say the concerned.  But there is a lot of criticism about these pictures through social media.

 Some people are writing that the MP ministers are holding a 'photo session' with the team in the name of cutting paddy.  And in doing so, they are not doing the job of harvesting paddy properly, but in some cases they are harming the farmers.

 Many of the farmers complained that the people who came to help left as soon as they finished taking pictures or videos of the rice harvest.

 Facebook users in Bangladesh are criticizing a similar event in Sunamganj on Wednesday morning in the presence of several MPs.

 Agriculture Minister Abdur Razzak, Planning Minister MA Mannan and a total of eight MPs, Awami League leaders and activists, members of the security forces and many locals were present on the occasion.

 In a photo spread on Facebook, it is seen that many people are taking pictures of the paddy harvesting ceremony, while doing so, they are trampling the ripe paddy in the field.

 What is the answer to the criticism?

 Planning Minister MA Mannan, however, described the famous rice harvesting event as 'symbolic'.

 "If some people are inspired by the symbolic rice harvesting program and come forward to help farmers, where is the objection?" He told the BBC.

 However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Coronavirus's coronavirus infection.  Mannan.
Congratulations to the first corona vaccine inventor in Bangladesh.
 Name: Dr.  Asif Mahmood
 Educational Qualifications:
 SSC: 8th from Ideal School
 HSC: Notre Dame College
 BSc: First class in Microbiology from Dhaka University.
 MSc: First in first class from Dhaka University.

 Looking at his profile, you can see that he was not a fool or invented a vaccine based on a formula found in a dream.  He has that quality and capability.

 However, he did not emigrate like the others.

 "If they can, we can."
 Asif Mahmood (in-charge, Globe Biotech Ltd.) may have escaped the notice of many by saying "We can't afford to lose people", but one can easily guess how much love he had for the people of the country.

 "Bangladesh claims to have discovered a vaccine for corona virus" - our conscious Facebook experts are lying on the ground laughing, trolling and having fun.  However, I have filled the timeline to share the news of the discovery of vaccines in different countries that have failed through trials.

 We have so much distrust towards our own country?  Are we unaware of the fact that thousands of talented young people in our country are occupying various top class positions in the outside world?  Today, if Dr. Asif Mahmood had sat in another country and demanded the invention of the vaccine, we would have danced in our heads, but what are we doing now?

 Evidence of antibody production has already been found in rabbits by applying this vaccine. Let us pray that the vaccine we have discovered succeeds in clinical trials.
 In fact, if something like this happens, Bangladesh will be able to make a fuss in the whole world.

 We too can proudly say, "If they can, we can too.
 But no one is congratulating him.  If the Bangladesh cricket team had won against Bermuda, they would have been given a red carpet reception.
 Many are skeptical about the vaccine again.  If the vaccine is not successful in the end.  Still happy because we tried ...
 But a group of Facebook experts is promoting it as a rumor.
Wash your hands frequently with soap for at least 20 seconds.  If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

 Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth.

 Don't go to people who are sick.

 If you have a cough or sneeze, apply it to your face or use a tissue.  Dispose of that tissue in a covered trash can and then wash your hands.

 Clean the floor regularly with disinfectant.  For example: Always clean kitchen benches and work desks.

 If you feel uncomfortable:

 Do not travel if you have a fever and / or cough.  Contact the doctor after you return home and tell them where you were.

 If you feel uncomfortable, stay home and call your doctor.


 Read the mask only if:

 You treat a Covid-19 patient as a health worker.

 You look after someone who is healthy but fears you have been infected with the coronavirus.

 If you have a cough or sneeze.

 The mask will only work if you wash your hands frequently with an alcohol-based hand-rub or wash with soap and water.  If you read the mask, you should know how to use it and where to put it properly, that information is also shared on the WHO website.

 Managing Rising Anxiety or Fear:

 We know that people in your community may be anxious, stressed or intimidated.  Here are some key points to consider and share with members of your company:

 It is normal to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared or angry during a crisis.  Talk to people you trust, such as your friends, family or associates in your community.

 Maintain a healthy lifestyle, including eating, sleeping, and exercising properly if you must stay at home.  Stay in touch with loved ones at home via email and phone, and stay connected to your larger Facebook, community for help.

 To reduce depression, do not smoke, drink alcohol or take other drugs.

 Talk to your doctor or counselor if you are scared.  Plan where to go and how to seek physical and emotional help if needed.

 Get information.  Gather information that will help you accurately determine your risk so that you can take reasonable precautions.  Find a reliable source you can count on, such as the WHO website or the local or state public health agency.
I know my writing may not reach any upper house, bureaucrat, or prime minister.

 Yet write, as the child of a jute mill worker or as a conscious man.

 The whole world today is choosing jute fabric or jute industry instead of #plastic or polythene for air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution.
 Why is our country's potential sector being killed by strangling there ????

 1.  There is no profit.
 2.  The production is not good.

 These are, but what is the reason behind it ???

 1.  Some people (vultures) have their eyes on this sector which is famous for its golden ash.
 2.  Intervention of corrupt eating quarters.

 3.  In 56 long years, there has been no modernization of machines and institutions.
 4.  Whether to buy jute in season or jute (raw material) in almost double sense in rice season.
 5.  Promoting corruption.
 .  The desire to enjoy the fruit by leaving it to the aunt.
 .  Not being able to capture the international market.
 Where the private sector is gaining ground, state jute mills only show losses.  So it should be scrutinized vigorously.
 .  Not taking timely action.

 Things to do
 1.  To modernize machines or industries.  Even if it is 2000 crore rupees, it can be modernized.
 2.  Spreading BJMC (aunt) and giving responsibility to mother (mill).  In this case, appointing army officers in big posts.
 3.  Purchase of jute in season and quality should be 100%.  All types of syndicates have to be disbanded.
 4.  Giving Golden Hans to the elderly, unemployed 50% of the workers by paying the arrears.
 5.  Permanent transfer workers without any kind of bribe trade.  However, in the first stage, 60-70% of the workers were given jobs on transfer basis.
 .  The excess of labor leaders cannot be party-centric.  They will be able to intervene in certain and hand-counted cases and will not be able to do anything beyond that.
 .  Setting production targets.  75% of the salary is based on salary production.
 .  Monitoring production managers and paying (some)% of annual dividend.
 9.  Strive hard to dominate the international market.
 10.  He formed a committee consisting of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Commerce, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Labor and Employment, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Jute and the Minister of Agriculture.  The research team will sit down with him and take up the project in the form of a project for the next 5 years, with the proper use of golden ash to turn the jute industry around.

 Finally, I would like to know one thing, 80 percent of the people who work in these factories are illiterate.  How will they survive if they leave this job? ,,, I left out the education of their children
 It is a shame to say "this government is a worker-friendly government".

 If you like it, you can copy the entire article and share it on your Facebook wall.
July of last year. Until then, the incense fountain of Bilaichhari has not become  However, incense has been a hotspot for tourists for the past few years due to the growing number of geometric travel groups.  Even if it was less than 20 to 30 times a day, the pictures and videos of the incense fountain would catch my eye.  For example, in the last few days, I have seen a picture of a water cottage in China so many times that now it seems, oh well!  This!  I have been here many times.  Welfare of all groups 6

 But what is not found in the pictures or videos on Facebook is the journey.  The Journey.  I don't know if anyone will agree with me, but in my experience I can say that there is always a lot more beauty scattered along the way than the original destination.  This is a little more true when it comes to incense trips.

 We are a little confused as travelers.  In the past, there were no specific travel companions, but now there are none.  I will catch the event traders again  There are some grandparents.  Join us when the time is right.  Apart from the two of us, Asif's brother Akram and Zakir's brother were with him.  We are budget travelers.  Going on an incense trip with five people means that the boat rent will fall a lot  Then what else?  The last hope of budget travelers is TOB (Traveler of Bangladesh).  Tirtha Da and Chhottu Fardin joined us from TOB.  The trip to cross the seven seas with these seven people was as good as we can remember.

 For the whole two days after getting on the trawler from Kaptai Ghat, there was only water and water.  You have to cross a long waterway to reach Kata, Muppechhara or Dhuppani springs.  What is not in this way?  After a while, the form of water also changes.  I have enjoyed every moment of the boat trip in these two days.  That's why Bedeni has been jealous of me since my childhood  They are the gods of the aquatic world.

 We reached Bilaichhari after a two-hour journey to see the combination of the autumn sky with the vast waters of Kaptai Lake.  We left Kaptai very late for which it was noon to reach Bilachhari.  When it was time to go back to see all the Nakata Muppechra, we were arranging to sail after the seventh Slokoch after lunch.  Of course, this was part of our plan to avoid going to the fountain and clashing with at least a hundred people from different groups of events.  Our plan was successful.  By the afternoon, the fountain had almost no tourists.

 The shape of the lake water is different when it comes to non-cutting.  The water is calm like the water of the lake  Whose friendship with soft air 6  After a while, the tribal villages on both sides came into view.  One of the fishermen is fishing in a dinghy in the shade of a moss tree.  How many children, boys and girls, are madly playing in the water next to one of the huts.  Our navigable route ends when we see these scenes known for thousands of years with fascinated eyes  Getting off the boat is a 40/45 minute walk to Peru.  We first went to Muppechara  Easy trail.  However, due to heavy rains and many people walking, some places were very slippery  We had enough time to spend in the fountain  He had the opportunity to roll in the fountain as he wished  Zakir and Arman in particular, who were sitting on top of the muppechara, came down after a lot of shouting at the very end.  By then we were on our way back  Before boarding the boat, there is a tribal neighborhood  I saw the tea shops in the neighborhood were quite crowded  After paying our little guide and having a light meal, we boarded the boat.  It is always tempting to travel in a roofless boat at this time of night.  Like a waterway spread out in the red sky.  At the end of the day, like the rest of the day, we were returning to the destination of Bilaichhari with the peace of the state.
My childhood and the present generation
Tires in the rain
 At that time 4 chocolates were available for 1 taka (coconut was inside) and nebico chocolates were available for 2 taka.  If you jumped from the bridge, after a couple of hours, you could find mud under the nose.  But even if you searched for thousands, you would not find pocket-filled yaba and phone-filled porn like now.  Oh yes, we used to fish.  Do you know the fake?  Triangular blue mesh.  Then I would enjoy hilsa as if I got putti fish.  I had to return home before evening, and I was responsible for wiping out the Rose Hurricane with oil and lighting it in low light because the current would go away from time to time.  After the night, in the morning, I would go to the maktab in groups to take the Qur'anic teachings in a proper way.  The belief was that it would grow.  The bigger the one, the higher his dignity.  We used to collect polythene during the day or in the evening after the day to light the fire.  My mother used to say that there was a fire in the wool sweater so we would take off the sweater and go to the fire.  Turning the hands and feet out of the fire and piercing the skin of the finger with a needle was the highest sign of smartness at that time.  It was a trend to burn a broken pen in a fire.  This generation will never know the smell of burning polythene and pens, they will learn how to stick needles in the skin but will not get any exciting feeling.  It was a pleasure to wrap the pen 2/3 of the paper together and stick it together on the wall, then I did not understand that it was due to static electricity.  But the current generation is now thrilled to eat erotic clips and vegetables red water.

 We saw how a rope was tied to the top of a glass sprite bottle to bring kerosene.  How the rope would gradually turn black and the bottle would be covered with dirt.  There is a doubt whether the current generation knows the game of dangs!  How exciting was that environment?  Marble game, what a game with fake money of cigarette packs!  The year 2000 will never know how the kerosene burns out after turning off the stove or how the sound of one-on-one, two-on-two reading from every house in the evening beats the frog's roar.  They will never recognize Dharapat books.  They know YouTube tutorials, the smell of socks after school all day and books by foreign writers.

 Times have changed.  I will not blame the age, I will not blame the time, I will not blame this generation.  Blame us, blame this 90s.  Why were they so beautiful that the next days did not even come close to their side?  In those days, Facebook was not a prisoner on YouTube, so we spent our childhood in the fields, in the haors, in the fire, in the water, in the swamp or in the forest.