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Here is what you have. The detection image is very beautiful and an amazing image. This image shows some scenes of Jaflong in Bangladesh and these are very nice scenes. The image you see is very beautiful. This image is located in Jaflong in Bangladesh and this image shows something underwater.  The rocks and looks very beautiful. The picture is amazing. We have different places in Bangladesh and this place has beautiful places to see and different people and people come to travel and the picture and the picture is very beautiful and the scene is very beautiful.  And there are a lot of people sitting on this rock and there is a huge river beside it. Fishermen in this river have carried different kinds of goods in different types of boats and there is a beautiful hanging bridge over it. The picture is very beautiful and wonderful.  And this picture is very beautiful and very wonderful people of Bangladesh go to these places and they have a lot of p  Riman likes and just different people in different countries of Bangladesh build our Bangladesh and they get a lot of pleasure and this picture shows that a lot of people who are in boats carrying a lot of different goods on the river and carrying goods they have a lot of money  They earn income and with this money they run their family. The picture looks very beautiful and very wonderful. I hope they see this picture. It looks very beautiful and very wonderful. We have different folklore places in Bangladesh where different types of people come to do it and  This scene looks very beautiful with different people enjoying it here
Eventually the victims repaired a road in Hamdah area of ​​Jhenaidah municipality.

 People in the area of ​​Kanchanpur Madhyapara from the west side of Hamdah Srijani Hospital in Jhenaidah town have been restless for a long time due to the stench of rotten water in the drain and waterlogging.  The road from Madrasa to Kanchanpur Madhyapara on the west side of Hamdah Srijani Hospital in this area has become unusable due to waterlogging.  Hundreds of families in the area have been blocked due to the road.  No one wants to go down this road without an urgent need.  Because of the accumulation of toxic rotten water on the road for a long time, skin disease is appearing on the feet when you travel through this water.  Kachuri Pana was born in a hole in this area.  Which is now the land of free trial of mosquitoes.  Soon people in this area may be infected with deadly diseases like dengue.  The drain that was there was filled with garbage.  Due to which rain water cannot come out.  Contaminated water enters the water line and that water has become unusable.  Due to which water borne diseases can occur at any time.

 Among the hundreds of difficulties, the people of the area have started repairing the road adjacent to the Madrasa in the central part of Kanchanpur from the west side of the Hamdah Srijani Hospital.  Some young people in the area are trying to raise money by going from house to house and raising the road a little higher.  In unison with their efforts, several people have pledged their cooperation.  However, no matter how high the road is, if the drainage system is not provided, they think that this initiative will not be fruitful.
When the world is stagnant, when the oxygen level in the air doubles or triples, people are still stockpiling oxygen cylinders at home, when there is a sense of disbelief among childhood friends, when thousands of people involved in travel and hotel business are lost in the uncertain future, when travel is thirsty.  Exhausted, they showed the way.  They are a group of forty-six female friends.  They are all friends through Facebook.  This is the first time they met on the platform of Sealdah station.  They are all associated with different livelihoods.  Some work, some do drama and some are housewives or brides.  But they all have a great deal in common.  That is, they are all travel-thirsty, nature-loving and open-minded friends.

 Last week their journey was to Suntalikhola in North Bengal.  The day before yesterday they returned to Calcutta.  They reached Siliguri the next day on the night infantry express from Sealdah.  From there we reached a unique beautiful world in a two hour journey.  He is not afraid of any hunter in the world, there is no pain to cover his face because the name of the place is Jaldhaka.  They pitched a tent in a private hotel in Nagarakata.  Then for three days just walk under the blue sky, run and want to touch the indescribable beauty and joy of nature that can touch people to get rid of all the exhaustion of life.  Bathing in the water of the fountain, sitting on a big stone throne, soaking 8 pairs of feet in the mountain river, the story of six red and blue umbrellas in the pouring rain, lost in the nature, in the lap of the mountain river of Laliguras.  A feast at the hotel with fresh fish broth from the hilly river, tasting chicken momos with smoked tea at Samsung's aunt's shop in the afternoon and sitting under a milky shade tree red golden tree in the middle of a dense green tea garden and singing with 6 voices ...
 "My release is light in this sky".

 Based in Nagarakata, they visited Jaldhaka, Rocky Island, Suntalikhola, Chalsa, Metli, Samsing, Laliguras for three days.  These places are very familiar to me due to the fact that I used to work in Siliguri and I used to visit different parts of North Bengal.  On the way back to Siliguri from Cooch Behar, Alipurduar on Saturday, I went down several times with my bag.  There I left the general hotel room in the morning and walked 10-15 km to Metli, Samsing, Laliguras.  I talked to the tea garden workers.  I heard about their misery and then I came back to Chalsa in a tea garden company tractor.  Today, after seeing the pictures shared by the friend of the playwright, I wanted to share them,
Kamal Bhai, 63, and Helal Bhai, 65, are our two favorite traveling companions.  It is not that I have not found a traveling companion older than him on some relaxing trips in the past but not only Barisal Backwater or Tangua, Kamal Bhai rode with us (rather if before us) to Chandranath, walked the Barbakund Trail, went to Damtuatak in Alikadam.  We camped together on the open coast of Sandwip in the freezing cold.  Tetulia has taken the trouble of traveling 1600 kilometers in two days!  This time Helal went with his brother on the Nakata trail, the next day to Faruwa.  Kamal bhai chiryaubana, clean saved, sunglasses in the eyes.  So age cannot be understood in that way.  But Helal Bhai's well-groomed beard shows that Helal Bhai is in his seventies.  However, these hair-beard or age analogy and the number!  They are both very smart and responsible travel companions.  Give a short brief and you will understand everything, which is not always possible to say more than once to many others.  Tuktak never complains about, which is gladly accepted.  Never want to be the cause of the team's trouble, not so far.  I listen to them quietly on every tour, I see  I learn a lot  It feels good.  However, it is a pity that seeing the friendship and enthusiasm of these two makes me feel good and a fear arises!  In this age of adulteration, will I ever be able to reach their age at all by eating ashes?  Will the urge to travel survive even if you push it?  Or will you meet such a friend for travel?
The picture you are looking at here is very beautiful and a very wonderful scene. The view is a beautiful view of a village in Bichanakandi, Sylhet district of Bangladesh because a lot of people come here to visit different things and it looks very beautiful.  The view shows that this is a village in Sylhet Bichanakandi. There are a lot of beautiful scenes in that village. There are a lot of people in Bangladesh who love these scenes and they like them very much.  This is a beautiful place in Bangladesh where a lot of people come to travel from different places and not only from Bangladesh but also from other countries to visit Bichanakandi.  It is beautiful to see the scene of their boat tour. They always come here to visit and give this  She is very happy and loves the poem. The picture looks very beautiful and very wonderful. This bed is a very beautiful place. Everybody will love this place very much and will love it very much. I hope you will see this picture very beautiful and wonderful.  Bichanakandi scene is a lot of people here and in different places they look very nice to go around in the river by this boat and they always come here to go around and have a lot of fun to go around the picture is very beautiful.  A beautiful and very captivating environment where every human being is very good and very beautiful and a very wonderful place. This place in Bangladesh is very beautiful and very nice. Lots of people come here and the scene of them being shot is very beautiful.  The picture shows them going to Sylhet in winter and some time in the fog  They are going to go around and see the fog and the different types of plants are looking very beautiful. The scene they are going to visit is a very beautiful and enjoyable place in the village of Bichana Kandi in Sylhet district of Bangladesh.  At
Extreme misery is being felt on the road of Khaskhamar village in Ward 3 of Kulia Union of Debhata Upazila.  No one has taken the initiative to pave the road since independence.  Which is still the cause of the suffering of the people of this village.  As the days go by, Bangladesh is being transformed into a digital touch, but the people of this khaskhamar village are deprived of that touch.  Going to the ground, one can see the dilapidated condition of the road.  Somewhere there are bricks and somewhere there are no roads.  Meanwhile, acting chairman of Debhata upazila Habibur Rahman Sabuj and Satkhira district council member Al Ferdous Alfa came to see the road on Saturday (September 19).  At this time they went with a lot of assurance from the people of the area to repair the road.  Speaking to locals, it is learned that thousands of people from the village use this two-kilometer road in Khaskhamar.  Currently the road is in very bad condition.  There is a government primary school in this village.  To study at the secondary and higher secondary level, the children of the village use the dirt road to travel to various schools and colleges in Satkhira, including Bahera AT Secondary School, Srirampur United College, three kilometers away.  Most of the people of the village make a living by working in various local industries.  Many also do agriculture.  The brick road of the little rain hall is covered with mud.  Then rickshaws and vans, autorickshaws cannot run.  Even walking becomes difficult.  The people's representatives have been promising to pave this road for many years.  Yakub Ali of this village said, "I have to study very hard to return home after business at night. Besides, I have to study in the rainy season even if I return home on a motorcycle."  Will the road ever be paved?  The road needs to be paved.  Habibur Rahman Sabuj, acting chairman of the upazila, said, "I am coming to see the road as soon as I hear about it. Measures will be taken to repair the road very soon."  District council member Al Ferdous Alfa said Debhata upazila is moving forward day by day and this will be a little behind, it looks bad, quick action will be taken.  Asadul Islam, acting chairman of the Kulia Union, said most of the roads in his union had been paved.  This road will be worked on in a short time.  The locals demanded the concerned authorities to pave the road soon.
Puri tour after lockdown.
 After 6 months of suffocating lockdown, like everyone else, we are out of breath.  Family tours in the corona virus are not as easy as they used to be, so the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about where to go is Puri, a well-known beach in Orissa.
 The place to go is right - but the real question is where to stay with the 2.5 year old.  In the midst of this epidemic, safe hotel selection is more important than the tour destination.  So going to the internet, Sterling Hotel seemed right and we immediately booked online for one night and two days.
 At the moment, it seems safer for us to go in our own car than to travel on public transport.  We started our journey from Paradwip at 8.30 am on 13th September.  Those who are thinking of coming by car from West Bengal, they can come.  Now there is no checking at Odisha or Bengal border.  The road from West Bengal to Puri via Bhubaneshwar is very good.  However, there is no place to eat on the street.  So some food and adequate drinking water should be taken with you before starting the journey.
 It takes us 4 hours to cross the 16 km long route from Paradwip.  We arrive at Sterling Puri Hotel at 12.30 pm.  The hotel is located at the far end of Marine Drive.
 We booked classic sea view room with complementary breakfast.  Room rent 3600 rupees, GST extra.  The room is quite large and clean.  The room has a balcony with unobstructed views of the sea.  Sitting on this balcony gave me a unique experience of seeing the sea and hearing the roar of the sea.
 It is worth mentioning here that we have taken with us masks, disinfectant spray, hand sanitizers, bedsheet, pillow cover, towel and liquid hand-wash as COVID prevention measure.  Before entering the room, I sprayed disinfectant on all the furniture and door handle.  Even though the sheets and towels in the room were clean, we used our things.
 After lunch we rested and went out to the beach.  The hotel has a beach of its own, although we did not land on the beach because of the rain.  I reached in front of the light house by car.  Very few people, Puri beach and sunset - very nice.  Most restaurants are still closed.  Wow momo is open to quench the evening hunger.  After that I spent some time next to the swimming pool next to the hotel.  After dinner I went to sleep.  The hotel food is quite delicious.
 In the morning I went again and appeared on the beach.  When you come to visit Puri, if you don't wake up in the morning and go to the beach, the journey will be incomplete.  Then I went to the cockatoo shop next to Swargadwar and appeared in search of Khwaja.  The cockatoo is now open and selling khwaja in its glory.
 The temple of Jagannath Dev is closed, so we did not go to the temple.
 After checking out we started the return journey.  After a long period of house arrest, we are refreshed by the transmission of Vitamin Sea.  Those who are thinking of coming, go out without thinking.  Now that the number of tourists in Puri is less, you can follow social distancing.  And you can stay at the Sterling Puri Hotel for the night.