I hope you enjoy watching the amazing handicrafts stored inside the 3D Art Museum. They live in the jungle. They love to live together in groups. They live in a family. They live in a society. They can understand human language.  And hopefully you will enjoy the wonderful relationship with the hand. Two Africans Luxodonta africana Luxodonta cyclotis and Asian Elifus maximus will see the amazing elephant scene inside the 3D Art Museum.  Adult Asian only male elephants have two long incisor teeth that make long ivory.
 Elephants are group animals.  The leader is the strongest tooth.  Mothers and grandmothers surround the children in the center of the group.  When the kids grow up, they take their place outside the group.  There are also defections.  Mature dentists try to form their own team.  During the mast season, young dentists become intoxicated by the excessive secretion of mast glands" located in front of the ears and attack the leader or other dentist or any ruler such as a mahout.  Then the leader may fight or try to hide.  Male elephants without ivory are called Makna.  They may be hiding among female elephants, and may reproduce unknowingly.
 The gestation period of elephants is the longest in the animal kingdom - about two years 22 months  Although the story says that elephants live for a hundred years, elephants do not live for more than 60-70 years.  Because six times in their lifetime not twice as many as us teething comes out, again chewing and decaying - the last set of teething sprouts in the sixties, which after starvation, death by starvation is inevitable.
The idea of ​​proboscis evolved from the elongated nose of the aquatic ancestors of Proboscidia, as scientists thought it was easier to breathe by snorkeling in shallow water .  Their closest mammal relatives are the dugong, manati, sea cow, etc., which belong to the class Aquatic Syrenia.  Their physiological uniqueness is that after birth, their pleura lining of the lungs is filled with connective tissue probably with the dead space of a long trunk.  Elephant society is divided into a family unit, a family unit consisting of ten female elephants and their calves, led by a single mother, forming a separate family unit, and after puberty, male elephants form alliances with other males.
 Elephants are most fertile between the ages of 25 and 45.  Calves are born after about 2 years of gestation.  They are raised by other wives of their mothers.  I hope you like the amazing view of the 3d art museum. I was surprised at first to see that this huge elephant is playing with people, having fun. The pet elephant is a wonderful sight.  A very beautiful scene I saw. A scene of many boys and girls having fun with elephants. Here is a scene taken from the 3D Art Museum.
A mermaid is a type of aquatic animal, with a female at the top and a fish at the bottom.  A huge question in the millennial world is whether this mermaid really exists or not.  The answer to this question has not yet been found.  However, the story of such animals is prevalent in the legends of almost all regions of the world.  The presence of mermaids in all the primitive civilizations of the world is eye-catching.  The regions in which their presence is most prevalent are Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines i.e. the whole of East Asia, Europe, Indian subcontinent, Pacific islands, Atlantic islands, South America, Africa, Oceania etc.  There has been a lot of writing about mermaids since ancient times.  The earliest examples of this in literature are in the Babylonian civilization.  Everyone should remember the mermaid read in the fairy tale of Hans Christian Anderson as a child.  Everyone knows the story of Walt Disney's famous Little Mermaid.  Even in the modern era, writing is being done about mermaids.  Many are claiming that they have seen the mermaid.  But is there really anything called a mermaid? The people of ancient civilization believed that the most beautiful women in the world were not human beings.  In fact they are half human half fish.  In English it is called Mermaid.  Whose Bengali name is Matsyakanya.  Again many say mermaid.  There is no end to the mystery about these mermaids.  The stories, legends and myths of almost all the countries have repeatedly revolved around the story of the mermaid. According to the prevailing opinion, the upper part of the mermaid's body is like a human and the lower part contains the total of fish.  The head has huge golden hair printed up to the waist.  And they are also very beautiful to look at.  I hope you like it a lot. This mermaid 3D art museum is very beautifully preserved inside. People come running from all over the world. I know a lot about living in the deep sea. I see a lot of mermaid pictures. I hope I saw a lot of mermaid pictures.  There are mermaid girls in the world who know great things about karna. Primitive people have seen mermaids with their own eyes. We come to live in the deep sea. You will love the wonderful view of the age of mermaid at the bottom of the sea.  It's a mysterious beauty to see extraordinary beauty. It's a scene from so many ancient times. We have it among us now. I hope you will like it a lot.  Inside the 3D Art Museum  Preserved for ages It will be preserved for ages It is a very popular scene for present people to show people to get acquainted with people I hope you will like it a lot See the amazing view of this mermaid living with fish under the deep sea  You will feel much better
Orangutan is a tailed monkey of the genus Pongo.  They have red or brown hair on their body.  There are only two species of orangutans in the world.  Their habitat is in the forests of Southeast Asia.  There are currently very few apes.  The main reason for this is the deforestation in the context of increasing population.  The orangutan is on display at the Singapore Zoo. The orangutan has thick reddish-brown fur.  Also, there are very long and strong arms.  This allows them to climb trees very quickly and perfectly.  However, orangutans in the Sumatra region are smaller in size and have thicker fur than orangutans in Borneo.  Orangutans are found in the rainforests of Borneo and the islands of Sumatra in Southeast Asia.  Most live in tall trees.  They live by eating fruits, leaves and bark of trees.  They are also accustomed to eating insects, bird eggs and small animals.  These animals quench their thirst by drinking the rain water stored in the leaves of the trees.  If they are not chased away from the trees, they will not have much name on the land and will not feel comfortable.  Adult orangutans travel from one branch to another with flexible legs, using extreme caution and awareness.  The smaller ones are more aware. The tiger Panthera tigris is a mammal that belongs to the larger cat breed.  It is one of the four giant members of the Panthera genus, along with lions, leopards and jaguars.  It is the largest animal in the Felidae family.  The tiger is the national animal of India and Bangladesh.  It is found in many parts of East and South Asia.  According to the Animal Planet Channel, the tiger is the most popular animal in the world.  According to the scientific classification, the animal world animal world, cordata cordata episode, Vertebrata vertebrate subsection, Sauropsida Saropsida class scaly or scaly Squamata Squamanta class, Serpentes serpentes  Is.  Squamata from the Greek ó ektós outside an thermós hot, a part that contains biological sources generating internal heat, preserves some of the most remarkable wildlife  I hope they will be very happy to see it, the most beautiful forest scene I have ever seen in front of you today.
Although man has solved many mysteries of space, many parts of the deep sea are still unknown to man  A team of researchers has discovered such a wonderful world and is trying to learn more about it Researchers at the University of Bremen have discovered an unknown world at the bottom of the ocean  That wall is about 100 meters high and 400 kilometers wide  It is made of cold water coral  These corals live thousands of meters deep without any light  Research team member said.  They live in the deep darkness of the ocean, said Claudia Weinberg.  They depend on the arrival of tiny food particles through the stream  They live by eating that. 
 Corals survive by eating plankton that floats like snowflakes  But because of their low depth in the ocean, the rate of coral reproduction is also low  In one thousand years, an increase of 15 meters occurs  Nevertheless, in the last few years, researchers have discovered corals of extraordinary size in their experiments  Dr.  We've found a lot of coral reefs, especially in the Atlantic Ocean," Weinberg said.  Their height can be up to 300 meters  It is as tall as the Eiffel Tower or the television tower in Berlin  Claudia Weinberg and her colleagues have collected coral reefs at various levels to find out how the wall formed off the coast of Mauritania.  It is known that the wall has been growing for about 1 million years  What is his condition today  Dr.  Claudia Weinberg said: "There has been no coral in this area since the beginning of the warm age, about 10,000 years ago.  Our idea is that corals can no longer survive because the concentration of oxygen is so low  However, by observing through video cameras, we have come to know that there has been a reunion of corals recently  But the environment is still so bad that it is not possible for the coral to build a wall. 
Researchers predict that more and more parts of the world's oceans will lack oxygen concentrations.  As a result, in addition to the adverse effects of climate change, there will be an additional cause of pressure in the deep sea
 A cold-water coral species called Lophelia partusa plays an important role in the formation of coral reefs.  This coral spreads its branches on the rock and forms a huge colony  In that colony, various animals including starfish, sea urchins and fish nest  Scientists still have limited knowledge about that  Dr.  Cold water corals are called deep-sea bio-engineers, said Weinberg.  Some species of fish are caught for commercial purposes, such as laying eggs on a coral reef, collecting food, or taking refuge in a corner.  That is, they play a key role in shaping the deep-sea ecosystem. 
 So far, more than 4,600 species have been discovered that live in cool water corals.  In each campaign that number increases to 7  However, little is known about the reproduction of cold-water corals A magical and mysterious world has been created at the bottom of the sea  It would be very sad if we lost that wealth before we knew it  I have shown you a wonderful view of the bottom of the sea. I hope you will enjoy it. This view is very beautifully preserved inside the 3D Art Museum to entertain people and to show that there are different kinds of things that live on the bottom of the sea.  I hope you enjoy the variety of fish living there. Inside the 3D Art Museum, a view of the seabed is beautifully preserved. It has been made in history to show people how to reach people. I hope you will enjoy 3D.  Inside the Art Museum, you can see a girl sitting on the bottom of the deep sea.
Jesus was a first-century Jewish evangelist and religious leader. He is also known as Jesus of Nazareth, or Jesus Christ. He is the central figure in Christianity.  Most Christians believe that He is the image of the Son of God and the awaited Savior Christ mentioned in Old Testament prophecies.  There has been very little consensus on the historical resemblance of the historical Jesus to the depicted Jesus. Jesus was a Galilean Jew.  He preached orally. Disciples often referred to him as "Rabbi. He debated with fellow Jews about the best way to follow God, healed the sick, taught through parables, and gathered followers.   He was arrested and tried by the Jewish authorities. He was then handed over to the Roman government and crucified on the orders of Roman Governor Pontius Pilate. His followers believed that after his death  He was resurrected from the dead, and the society they formed eventually took the form of the original church. 
Christian doctrines include Jesus being born in the womb of a virgin named Mary, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, performing various miracles, establishing the Christian Church, dying on the cross to atone for human sins, rising from the dead and ascending to heaven.  He will return from there.  Most Christians believe that Jesus will reconcile them to God.  According to Nissin Creed, Jesus will judge the living and the dead before or after the physical resurrection.  This event is associated with the Second Coming of Jesus in Christian theology.   Worshiped as the incarnation of the Son God.  A small number of Christian sects, however, reject the Trinity as being entirely or partly unscriptural.  The birth of Jesus is celebrated every year on December 25 January in different Eastern churches.  Easter is celebrated on Good Friday in honor of his crucifixion and in honor of his resurrection.  The most widely used calendar year, is based on the exact birth of Jesus.  The short name for this year in English is Eddie from the Latin word anno Domini Lord of the Rings  In English, this year is now considered the General Year
Jesus was revered outside of Christianity.  In Islam, Jesus commonly referred to as Jesus is considered one of the most important prophets of God and the Messiah.  Muslims believe that Jesus was born a virgin.  But they do not consider him to be God or the Son of God.  The Qur'an states that Jesus did not claim divinity.  Most Muslims do not believe that he was crucified.  According to them, God bodily ascended to heaven.  Judaism, on the other hand, does not recognize Jesus as the awaited Savior.  According to this, he does not meet the conditions of the Savior-related prophecy;  He had no divinity and was not resurrected.  A scene of Jesus Christ seen here Some people are standing with him Scenes are preserved inside the 3D Art Museum He was one of the greatest wise men in the world He was a Christian man and he has worked all his life for the welfare of mankind A scene of him  You can see here that the relics of Jesus Christ are beautifully preserved inside the 3D Art Museum.


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