Asashuni Upazila of Satkhira have been trapped in water
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76観覧   3 月 前
Masum | 9 購読者
76観覧   3 月 前
People of Pratapnagar and Sriula Unions of Asashuni Upazila of Satkhira have been trapped in water. After 3 months, thousands of houses and fish farms were flooded by flooding in the new area beyond the old flooded area. There is no food, no drinking water, no sanitation in the area. Due to the breakdown of road communication system and lack of electricity, people are living like isolated islands due to lack of communication. Many have taken refuge in relatives' homes. The road system of the whole area has been cut off. Food crisis and shortage of potable water have become evident. The sanitation system is broken. It is not possible to provide food and shelter for the animals and birds. Raw houses have started collapsing. More than half of the water from Anulia on the Kadakati Pratapnagar road to Pratapnagar and Asashuni Sriula roads has been submerged and water has started flowing over the road. Shahidul Islam of Langaldaria village said there is no place to cook water inside my house. I have been cooking and eating in a rice cooker for so long. We have been eating dry food for three days due to lack of electricity. We are requesting the government if we do not build the dam quickly, we will not have anything to lose our village.
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