Bangladesh is a country of conspiracies. Bangladesh has six seasons.  One of them is the rainy season.  Bangladesh receives a lot of rainfall in the country.  In the video above you can see that it is raining heavily in our Satkhira district village.  You can see there are a lot of clouds in the sky.  You can also see the video of the date palm leaves falling due to rain.  Everything inside our village is drowning.  Because of the rain
  The people of all the villages suffer.  If we want to get rid of all this, we have to plant construction trees.  Due to the floods, the people of Bangladesh have become very helpless.  In Bangladesh's Satkhira district, all the Beel rivers and canals were submerged during the language period.  We should all be aware of the rainy season.
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Soliman | 5 購読者
119観覧   27 日 前
Rainy season. Satkhira district
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