A wonderful motorbike race from boys
42観覧   15 日 前
Narayan | 14 購読者
42観覧   15 日 前
I like to walk here every day because I like to walk on the bypass road in front of my house every day. People from different countries come here to travel.

People from different villages come by car to see the beautiful view of the hand. Many children are standing on the Kholpatua bridge. I approached and saw that they were racing bikes. Looked really nice but bike race. I really enjoyed watching the big and beautiful bike races so I made a little video.

It was nice to see the bike races standing on this new bridge. And one thing I saw is that all these kids can ride so many beautiful motorcycles that they give so many beautiful bike races. They were riding the bikes so beautifully that he was standing in one place and turning the bike like a wheel.
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