My friend Ashraful and I both sat down to eat and made the video
83観覧   2 月 前
Sksajib1 | 14 購読者
83観覧   2 月 前
The video that you can't watch now but was taken to a restaurant with my friend Ashraful and you can see that he is wiping his face with a tissue and at that time but I made this video but the video is very funny and they don't like it much because of the meal time. When it came to being nice but then it was done but we served it from a lot of tempting food which is a lot of fun but after the meal we both enjoyed it a lot and could see but at that moment but I can be a reason for you to like it.

A very nice moment was spent by me and my friend and when I came home my friend and I just came together to talk about how much time we were there but it was full of joy but being with a friend means but the fun is not different but never found anywhere else I can tell by watching this video.
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