The video that you can see on the screen is a video of a boy in Jiyala village of Satkhira district
48観覧   10 日 前
Md Hafijol Islam | 6 購読者
48観覧   10 日 前
The video you see on the screen is very beautiful and very nice because the video shows two children boating on a boat inside the mill. The boat has been built indoors to feed the fish and take the food with them so that it can be run everywhere and eaten in a month and it is nice to see these two kids sitting in it now. They come to the house every now and then but they fall all the time. No, because if they go to school, they are still young, so when they come back from school, they play and throw it in the water, not too much, so there is no chance of this child having an accident, because if there is an accident, they can walk and come here. I hope you will be very happy to watch this video
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