The man you see in the video above the screen is a mason by profession and works in Satkhira.
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Md Hafijol Islam | 6 購読者
57観覧   5 日 前
The video you see on the screen is very nice and very nice to watch because the video shows a mason doing plaster work now and this work has to be done very efficiently and honestly. When plaster has to do a job he is very angry if not finished. He has to work very carefully and attentively and he can do a very good job and for this he is called very determinedly so his khas never goes off on any day of the year and he is very happy to do this job because they all call for work. He likes this job very much and he can do a very good job and he likes to do this job and he is a mason by profession. You may understand when you watch the video and he runs the household from him and does other household chores and he does very well. You may be happy to watch this video
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