Scene of excavators driving on the road
41観覧   2 月 前
Nahid hassan | 36 購読者
41観覧   2 月 前
If you look at the picture, you can see that a tractor is going with a crowd of people and people, so let's take a picture. You can see that there is a machine that is said to be going. It is a very modern machine. The building is broken. These machines are very important. They are used in government road work. There are many machines going to the side of the road work. There is a road jam because the big girl has to go very slowly but it has something that can be broken It can be crushed, so I gave the picture to you. If you notice, you can see that the motorcycle was taken for you when I was there. I hope everyone will like it.

Emarat khan khan khan and various other emergency works are used in our country is a very popular thing.

If you notice a lot of people are crowded here, they are moving around regularly. I hope everyone will like it.
Stay well. Stay healthy. I hope you all are well and everyone will be careful. Thank you all. We need these things to be careful.
I hope you understand. Thank you. Good morning to all. I hope you are all well and stay.

Thank you all.
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