Morning breakfast
57観覧   1 月 前
Nahid hassan | 36 購読者
57観覧   1 月 前
There was breakfast, it has fried eggs, you can see the white rice next to it, it has onion ink, it has fried potatoes, eggs, cauliflower curry, a dish based on the nutrients of different foods.We have this kind of food for breakfast. It would be great to have a great helper to have fun eating delicious food on nutrients just like I think it is very tasty and the taste of this food is incomparable and the nutritious ingredients of fun food.It is very important for us to eat this kind of food. And this kind of food is very fun and delicious and nutritious food is good for health. And eat healthy foods.We all have to eat these types of foods in their diet is actually good for the body on the basis of nutrients so we eat more and more of these types of foods. Besides egg protein, this morning I learned to eat at home. We made homemade food. We made it with our own hands.
The food was wonderful.
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