I got up at Jessore Tamanna Park Nagardola. There was a lot of work.❤️❤️
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Md shohag hossain | 49 購読者
79観覧   12 日 前
The fun of going to Nagardola is different because I once woke up shaking my head. This is a picture of Tamanna Park in Jessore. I was at home inside this park for a long time. And there is a beautiful carousel inside, especially for small children who like to do carousel. You can see this carousel carousel here and it is nice to see the carousel revolving around making carousels of different designs.
The entrance fee inside the park is 30 rupees and with all the staff of the park, the beauty of this park is that many people prefer to see the surroundings of this kind of park which is full of green beauty and natural environment. Because the natural surroundings of this place were so beautiful and visitors from different parts of the country come here every day to enjoy the beauty of this place. People from the region come here to see the pictures of this natural environment of the mountains and the pictures of the disease. If you like it, you must like it and subscribe to our channel.
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