A beautiful waterfall of Jessore-Jhenaidah Valley Park can be seen here
80閬唾戍   12
Md shohag hossain | 49 鞈潸狎
80閬唾戍   12
The fun is different when friends go on a picnic together because this day is not to be forgotten. Here we went on a beautiful venture with 5 friends to Jessore Valley Park. I was very happy that seeing the environment in this place was full of physical beauty and natural pleasant environment. You can see this place where the water of the fountain was falling and reached in such a beautiful way that captivated the minds of the visitors and you can see there are many more beautiful surroundings. There is a carousel here. The huge natural beauty of this place touches the mind. The natural surroundings of this place are much more beautiful to look at and the more attractive natural surroundings are always preferred by the people and you can see the vastness of the environment created here and you can be fascinated by the beautiful surroundings as these natural surroundings are truly amazing. I like this kind of beauty and the scenery of the beautiful natural environment, maybe you will like it and if you like it, please like and comment.



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