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Rana SK | 18 購読者
33観覧   1 月 前
You can see some funny things in the video above, it is made by Bangladeshi boys, they always make such funny videos. Its a special day and I know It's the special Christmas day So don't enter my house without agift And also bring some great wine Come to my house early And make some Christmas goodies So that I can use them in dineThat is the true spirit of Christmas for you To see you happy and see you smile To spread across what's in your heart And also make a great start Yippee it's the Christmas time Merry Christmas to you!I miss you:There is emptiness in my life,
Because I feel your absence,
There is a strange hollowness in life,
With your absence, My friend I miss you so much, My love for you was special, My love for you was such,
That I want you back in my life,
Coz I miss you much!
タグ: beautiful, fun, joke, satkhira
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