The land is being prepared with a mill plow
85観覧   1 月 前
Rashel | 16 購読者
85観覧   1 月 前
Bangladesh is an agricultural country and Bangladesh gets a total of 85 people are farmers and the main crop of agriculture is paddy and the paddy season is going on for a student in Bangladesh and to plant paddy this Eid, first the picture has to be prepared very nicely. Here is a man a farmer.

The land is being prepared with a modern mill plow for planting paddy in the agricultural land and if this land is prepared, the paddy will be planted in his land. And as a result of preparing the land of this college, the matter can be prepared very well and agricultural crop paddy can be planted in it very well and by planting this paddy the farmers pay and their livelihood can run towards the people. The farmer is working to prepare the land on his own land with a tap
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