This is the first time I saw such an approach to education不不不
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Md shohag hossain | 51 鞈潸狎
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There is no end to studying but there is no point in studying as you see in this video. The woman is sitting on the back of her child and taking him to school. Maybe there was some school left and some homework. Maybe this little boy didn't do it but he sat on the bike with his mother. She is doing these things and it is seen that there is another little girl sitting next to her mother. It is very funny. It was seen on the streets of Delhi, India recently and it looked very nice. It was uploaded on YouTube and various other places as a funny thing. Sitting there working nicely and this approach and she is studying here in such a beautiful way it is very nice and funny so I like this very much so I am trying to present it to you I hope you will like this environment very much and if you like it Then like, comment and subscribe to our channel.



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