Beautiful game of digital lighting
58観覧   9 日 前
Ashraful Vai | 3 購読者
58観覧   9 日 前
We've all been to a beautiful concert. The concert is a concert. We can see a very nice game of digital lighting here. From the very beginning of the road, the video shows a lot of lights and likes playing in a beautiful country.
The traditional place of Satkhira district has a very nice lighting system in this place. There are a lot of mahfils in Satkhira place and in the mahfil we are talking about today, it is seen that there are different types of shops in the market and different types of food are being sold. Thousands of people have come from far and wide. Thousands of people have organized this gathering. All of them have come here for prayers and to listen to Islam. They have come here from Dhaka to explain in a very beautiful way. In the video we will try to show you later and you can see more. What a beautiful lighting on the road given the charge given and gone is exactly the same lighting.
Lighting has risen above the mosque which we can see in a very beautiful way. People have come from far and wide. Many people have been satisfied by organizing this gathering and many people have succeeded in giving this gathering after many hardships to listen to the Qur'an of Allah in a very beautiful way.
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