Beautiful cleaning scene with motor machine
71観覧   8 日 前
Ashraful Vai | 3 購読者
71観覧   8 日 前
In the video you can see how to clean a motorcycle in just 15 seconds. At first it took a lot of time to clean this motorcycle but now with the development of high quality digital machine at the turn a motorcycle can clean all the space quickly and beautifully.
You can see from the shop that an experienced mechanic solves all the problems of all types of motorcycles in a very beautiful way and there are a few employees and keepers who have a very nice way to clean different types of cars, different types of mahfils, different types of accidents. There are cars from different places to fix because all kinds of adulterated cars are fixed a very nice shop clean clean experienced mechanic.
The speed of the motor is so beautiful that all the engines of the car are cleaned in a very nice way because of the speed of the motor due to the wife, as well as everyone can be free from all kinds of goods and dust.
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