Travel by river
92観覧   2021-12-19
Ashraful | 4 購読者
92観覧   2021-12-19
In this video you can see the view of a big river. The name of this river is Padma river. A bridge is being built over the river Padma. The name of this bridge is Padma Bridge. The construction work is not finished yet. The bridge is under construction. We went from Satkhira district to travel on the river Padma. I am traveling by boat, I have seen the view of the bridge over the river and I am sharing the video with you. After the construction of this Padma bridge, trains will run in the lower lanes and vehicles will run on the upper lanes. We had a lot of people traveling on the river and had a lot of fun. I saw many people fishing from the river. The scenery on both sides of the river is very nice.This Padma bridge is located next to Dhaka.
#big river #Padma river #Padma bridge #travelling #boat #Dhaka
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