Boat trip on Ichhamati river
149観覧   2021-12-27
Ab Rouf | 29 購読者
149観覧   2021-12-27
The fun of traveling by boat on the river is different. We took about 45 minutes on the river in a motor boat. Some of our elder brothers were coming from Jessore district near Satkhira. With them we went for a walk in Ruposhi Mangrove Park in Debhata Upazila. From there travel to Ichhamati river and spend some time in the afternoon. The park is located on the banks of the river Ichhamati where there is a bush road through the forest. People from different districts come here to enjoy. During the winter season, a lot of people gather at Ruposhi Mangrove Park in Debhata Upazila. There are car parking facilities. There is seating in a good environment. We especially enjoyed our guests. That day was Friday.

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